‘FBI’: Jeremy Sisto Says ‘It Was a Hard Day for Jubal’ in Episode 10

by Anna Dunn
Photo: David M. Russell/CBS ©2021 CBS Broadcasting, Inc. All Rights Reserved

The recent episode of FBI was a really tough one for Jubal. In the episode, the Assistant Special Agent in Charge starts the episode by finding out Rina has been taken off life support. So he, therefore, tries to throw himself into his work, trying to solve the case of a missing girl. But the case goes wrong as well.

Jeremy Sisto, who plays Jubal, discussed the difficult episode in an interview with TV Insider. He mentioned the difficulties Jubal has had as a recovering alcoholic entering a new relationship. It’s a very difficult thing to do.

“He’s a recovering alcoholic, as we know. And starting a relationship after you go through the program like that, they talk about the process of being able to be open to a relationship. I think you have to have a plant first and then a pet before you can be sure that you can take on the emotional challenges and the responsibility of a relationship,” he said.

Sisto also mentioned how Jubal has been very careful with not moving too fast. Especially with the divorce and wanting to be there for his children. So he really prepared before entering a new relationship.

“He obviously felt like he was strong enough to do this. And for something like this to happen at that moment is going to bring an abundance of challenges,” Sisto said.

Sisto Thinks Jubal Will Perservere In the Upcoming ‘FBI’ Episodes

Sisto noted that he believes in his ability to persevere. But there are going a lot of challenges for him ahead. There were even some scenes that were cut when Jubal says he needs to take some time off. Apparently, both Sisto and the Writer’s room feel like he’ll be able to try and manage that grief.

“What I found interesting about this episode is they did an interesting thing with, sometimes when you go through something really hard, there’s a delayed effect. There’s a period of time where you’re not feeling the emotion. You’re aware of the scale of what’s happening, but you can’t really feel much, and that’s sort of what happens with Jubal in this episode,” he says.

And that’s where the problems start to happen. He sees another man who is grieving because of the case he’s following, and that gets mixed up for him.

“It was a hard day for Jubal and we’re hoping he can stay on track and just grieve a great possibility that was coming to light in his life,” Sisto said.

Things are about to be rough for Jubal, and if you want to see what happens next for him, you can tune in to FBI every Tuesday at 8/7 central on CBS.