‘FBI’ Star John Boyd Took on Two Different Roles on ‘Law & Order’

by Megan Molseed
(Photo by Bobby Bank/GC Images)

As the popular Dick Wolf series, FBI began its second season the fans met a new character on the series, John Boyd’s Stuart Scola. The quick-witted former Wall Street stockbroker-turned-FBI agent fits right into the CBS television series. But, fans of the actor know that this wasn’t the first time the star and FBI showrunner, Dick Wolf worked together.

The FBI actor was cast as a guest-star in episodes of the original Dick Wolf vehicle, Law and Order twice during his career. One episode aired in 2005, the other in 2006.

When he guest-starred in 2005, John Boyd portrayed a character named Zach Burns in an episode of Law & Order titled Locomotion.

In this episode, Law & Order District Attorney Jack McCoy (Sam Waterson) takes on a very unusual case.

The Law & Order episode features a failed suicide attempt that leads to a deadly tragedy. In response to the tragic event, one man named Davey decides he is going to defend himself in his trial.

The man is accused of mass murder. This is after he attempts to kill himself by driving onto train tracks and waiting for a train to hit his car. The man’s actions kill twelve passengers on the train and injury 250 passengers in total. The man soon realizes the deadly crash his actions have created. He then decides to cover up his involvement in the crash. He claims to the investigators that he was one of the victims on the train.

Eventually, the Law & Order detectives realize that Davey’s story is false. He eventually admits that it was his actions that caused the deadly train crash.

Jack McCoy faces a challenge in court as the suicidal man chooses to represent himself in the trial that follows.

‘FBI’ Star Plays A Vigilante In 2006 ‘Law & Order’ Episode

In 2006, John Boyd plays a man named Kenny Ellis in a Law & Order episode titled Profiteer.

In this season seventeen episode, John Boyd plays a man who guns down the powerful executive of a body armor company as he arrives at his daughter’s $2 million Sweet Sixteen party.

Eventually, the hardworking Law & Order detectives and investigators determine the murder was revenge killing. The detectives eventually connect the murder of the executive to a tragic incident in Iraq. This incident is one in which a US soldier’s protective vest failed in Iraq. As a result, the soldier was killed in the field.

In the episode, it is revealed that John Boyd’s Kenny Ellis believes the soldier should still be alive. He believes the death was due to the vest’s failure to stop the bullet. Boyd’s character is certain that the man he killed would have never been held accountable for the faulty product. So, he took matters into his own hands.

While a heartbreaking scenario, the Law & Order detectives and prosecutors don’t believe that this excuses Kenny Ellis’s decision to gun down the executive in front of his daughter at her own birthday party.