‘FBI’: Missy Peregrym Explained How Show Addresses Sensitive Subjects, Politics

by Megan Molseed

Each week, CBS’s hit series FBI focuses on some tough storylines as the elite agents work tirelessly to solve some of New York City’s biggest cases.

In the series, the agents are often facing concerns that tie into stuff that people are facing in the world today. Many major real-world headlines have found their way into many of the FBI scripts over the years.

However, there is one major news-making topic that, despite being a focal point of life, the series has avoided addressing during much of its fantastic four-season run. This topic? Politics.

And, for many FBI fans, this is exactly what draws them to the show.

Some fans enjoy having the opportunity to step away from the divisiveness politics has tended to create over the last few years.

“It’s really tricky because politics is one of the things that causes the most unrest,” said FBI star Missy Peregrym to Pop Culture Principle.

“I think that we’ve dealt with some things, but we try not to take a stance on how we feel about it,” Peregrym continues. “Especially personally in the show.”

‘FBI’ Makes Sure Some Topics Are Not Glamourized In the Series

Peregrym, who portrays the hard-working and dedicated officer Maggie Bell in the hit series adds that for her, it’s important that the series doesn’t do anything to glamourize what is happening within the political news stories these days.

“It’s very important to me that we don’t glamourize this stuff,” Peregrym explains.

“There are things that are so serious that are happening in this country and while it is good for our show in the sense that it is a reality and we can pull from those things,” she says. “I don’t want to use that stuff just for entertainment.”

In order to do this, the star says, FBI showrunners have made an effort to humanize the show’s characters as much as they possibly can.

Giving a face to the issues addressed in the series, rather than making a kind of blanket statement.

“I think the way around that is to humanize the characters that we have as much as we can,” Peregrym says of the series. “Even with a bad guy, and there are some that are just truly evil, but I am saying the point is to find understanding and try and sort this out.”

According to the FBI star, the importance lies in the series’s characters solving the individual cases.

“I feel very sensitive to that when I see scripts,” says Peregrym.

“I want to make sure that we aren’t making a judgment or making sure that it’s not coming across inappropriately, as much as I can control that,” the actress notes. “As actors, something will come up and you want to be very careful with how it comes across.”