‘FBI: Most Wanted’: Barnes and Jess Find Themselves in the Line of Fire

by Lauren Boisvert

This new “FBI: Most Wanted” episode is going to be a doozy; it includes a mall shooting during the holiday season, with Jess LaCroix and Sheryll Barnes at the center of it. Jess and Barnes get trapped in the mall during a shooting and have to spring into action to protect their families and innocent strangers. It’s shaping up to be a tense, emotional episode.

Meanwhile, Kristin Gaines, Hana Gibson, and Ivan Ortiz are outside the mall trying to get everyone out. The doors are rigged so no one can escape; it sounds like a complete nightmare inside.

Both “FBI” and “FBI: Most Wanted” will be new on Tuesday. The only show in the franchise that won’t have a new episode until the new year is “FBI: International,” which is a first. The shows have always aired together on Tuesdays, but there will be a rerun of “FBI: International” on Dec. 14.

The new “FBI: Most Wanted” episode is titled “Run, Hide, Fight,” which sounds like exactly what Jess and Barnes are going to do.

‘FBI: Most Wanted’: Kristin Gaines Brings Mystery to the Team

Agent Kristin Gaines joined the “FBI: Most Wanted” team in the third season, and she brought her troubled military past with her. She’s a former Navy sailor that came to the team from Miami, and she has a few secrets.

Executive producer David Hudgins spoke to TV Insider about Gaines and her dynamic with the rest of the team. “She is there to shake up the dynamic,” he said. “[She’s] a strong, independent thinker who isn’t afraid to express her opinion but ingratiates herself with the team by virtue of hard work and doggedness.”

The thing about Gaines is that she clashes with Jess sometimes. “Jess wants her to follow the game plan,” said actress Alex Davalos, who plays Gaines. “She trusts her gut and intuition.” Has she been with the team long enough to rely on her gut? She can trust her intuition, but can the rest of her fellow agents? Therein lies the problem.

Gaines is also much more emotional than the others; she has a sensitive heart and feels for the victims of their cases. “The most challenging thing has been having to rein in the emotion I know Kristin can’t have in the moment,” Davalos said of her character. “She’s got to swallow it [to do her job]. I think it’s painful for her.”

As for her personal life, Gaines is struggling while living with her ex-husband and teenage children. She’s also holding onto an incident from her time in the Navy. Will that information get out to the team? What happened that she’s still holding onto it? We’ll have to see how her character unfolds on more episodes of “FBI: Most Wanted.”