‘FBI: Most Wanted’: Dylan McDermott Could Exist as Two Characters in the Same Dick Wolf Universe

by Liz Holland
(Photo by Frazer Harrison/Getty Images for American Express)

Fans of Dick Wolf shows are going to be seeing a whole lot more of Dylan McDermott. 

Recently, “FBI: Most Wanted” star Julian McMahon announced he would be leaving the series after three seasons. His final episode will air on March 8th. Soon after McMahon announced his departure, 60-year-old McDermott joined the cast as the new lead.

There are not many details available on his character. However, we do know he’ll be introduced as a new character rather than replacing McMahon’s character directly. McDermott’s first appearance as a main character on “Most Wanted” will air in April. But, it’s certainly not his first time playing a significant role in Dick Wolf’s universe. 

McDermott’s new role introduces an interesting paradox within the Dick Wolf universe. The actor already has a recurring role on “Law and Order: Organized Crime” as villain Richard Wheatley.  The show is connected to “Most Wanted” through “Law and Order: SVU,” which is connected to “Chicago P.D.,” which is connected to “FBI,” meaning that his new character will exist in the same universe as Wheatley.

Dylan McDermott to Appear in Two Dick Wolf Shows

While this wouldn’t be the first time an actor has portrayed two different roles within Dick Wolf’s universe, it typically doesn’t happen this close together. Additionally, Wheatley is a pretty unforgettable character. McDermott wearing multiple hats presents a different situation than a character who appeared on a few episodes of one show but plays a lead role on another. 

The actor is certainly aware of the intense impact Wheatley has on the “Organized Crime” audience. In an interview with Entertainment Tonight, McDermott shared his thoughts on Wheatley’s power. “Sometimes these characters come along and they just take over… And you get out of the way. So, there’s something about this character that’s just so fulfilling for me. And then, of course, the audience is responding because you’re so into it. It’s infectious.”

In a separate interview with Parade, the actor also shared why the “Law and Order” series and universe, in general, continues to do so well after being on the air for so long. “I think that it’s an old friend. There’s something about the ability to turn on Law & Order anywhere in the world and know what you’re going to get,” McDermott reflected.

Why Do Fans Love ‘Law and Order’ So Much?

“There’s a beginning, middle and end, and I think that’s really comforting for most of the world. There are only a few shows like that where people really feel comforted: Friends, Law & Order and Seinfeld. There’s only a handful of shows in the world where people actually relax into it and feel like they’re at home.” Regardless of which Dick Wolf show(s) the veteran performer appears on, he’ll certainly have fans that follow. 

Depending on scheduling, fans could see McDermott portraying two different roles within the same universe in the same month, or potentially even in the same week. While he won’t continue appearing on Organized Crime in light of his new role, there are still episodes with McDermott that have yet to air. Deadline reported that the villain’s storyline will wind down over the next few weeks to prepare for his departure.