‘FBI: Most Wanted’: Everything to Know About Lead Star Julian McMahon

by Madison Miller

If you’ve been keeping up with the three “FBI” shows every Tuesday, you’ve likely gotten introduced to plenty of new faces, as well as some of the core members of the franchise.

For example, over on “FBI,” Zeeko Zaki and Miss Peregrym have been the two core members on the series since 2018 for all four seasons.

The new rookie series is “FBI: International.” Fans have gotten introduced to brand new characters portrayed by Luke Kleintank, Heida Reed, Carter Redwood, Vinessa Vidotto, and Christiane Paul.

As for “FBI: Most Wanted,” however, the main cast member was highly recognizable far before he took on the role as seasoned agent, Jess LaCroix. He is portrayed by Julian McMahon. So, where have we seen McMahon, and what is there to know about the “FBI: Most Wanted” star?

Life and Career of Julian McMahon

McMahon is an Australian actor and former model. He is actually the son of the former Prime Minister of Australia, Sir William McMahon.

As for his jobs on the screen, his work has extended to both TV and movies. He played John Grant in “Profiler” as well as Cole Turner in the popular TV series “Charmed.” He also starred in the medical drama series “Nip/Tuck” as Christian Troy. McMahon won a Golden Globe nomination for his work on this series from 2003 to 2010.

As for “Charmed,” fans are waiting for the CW reboot. Is he on board for that?

“It was a great show for me. When I first signed on to that show, I think it was, like, six episodes or something, and I ended up staying for three years. So, that’s how much I enjoyed being on the show, and I loved playing that character. So if I had the opportunity to do that again, I would,” he told TV Guide.

As for superhero fans out there, that’s likely how you recognize Julian McMahon the most. The “FBI: Most Wanted” star was the infamous villain Doctor Doom in the “Fantastic Four” franchise. He was also Jonah in “Runaways,” the series that streams on Hulu.

As for his personal life, he has been married three times. He’s been married to his third wife, Kelly Paniagua, since 2014. He has one daughter, Madison Elizabeth.

Julian McMahon on Landing his ‘FBI: Most Wanted’ Role

So, what is it that really got McMahon on board for his role in “FBI: Most Wanted?”

The star revealed that he has had a long relationship with CBS and was excited to hear about the show. After getting a few scripts and reading them, McMahon was convinced that the show would be successful.

“And then I got this script, and this is one of those ‘aha’ moments, in which you connect with something and you go: ‘I gotta play that character’ and then I go: ‘Okay, it’s something to which I innately connect and somebody that I think that I can really portray well at this point in time in my life and probably could teach me a few lessons,'” McMahon said in an interview with Brief Take from 2020.

In addition to the drama and the darkness of the show, McMahon said he loves the relationship between his character and his daughter. Although it’s a very small sub-plot he said it’s one of his favorite parts of the show.