‘FBI: Most Wanted’ Heads to Kentucky to Catch a Murderer

by Joe Rutland

What does a murderer in Kentucky have to do with FBI: Most Wanted? Well, that’s where the team heads to tackle this case.

The CBS crime drama, which airs along with other FBI franchise shows, is definitely getting down to the business at hand.

Let’s take a look, Outsiders, at this trailer provided before the episode airs.

This episode is titled Sport of Kings. That’s a not-so-subtle hint about horse racing having a part in the story.

Here’s the synopsis ahead of Tuesday night’s episode. (Warning: Some spoilers might be in here.)

This comes from CBS by way of TV Shows Finder.

“After a prized Kentucky racehorse is stolen and its groomer is taken hostage, the team quickly learns they may be the only ones who consider the young woman’s safety a priority over the horse’s. Also, Byron returns to celebrate the holidays with Jess and his family.”

Ah-ha! So there is a tie-in to the most popular sport in Kentucky.

This episode of FBI: Most Wanted airs on Tuesday at 10 p.m. Eastern, 9 p.m. Central, on CBS. Cast members include Julian McMahon, Roxy Sternberg, Keisha Castle Hughes, YaYa Gosselin, and Miguel Gomez. The show is in its third season on CBS.

‘FBI: Most Wanted’ Adds Alexa Davalos’ Character To Show’s Cast

While some of the shows in the FBI franchise are still set with their cast members, FBI: Most Wanted happened to add a new one.

Actress Alexa Davalos plays Kristin Gaines, an FBI special agent who used to be with the Miami office.

What’s the deal with her? Outsiders, let’s get some inside scoop on this.

FBI: Most Wanted executive producer David Hudgins told TV Insider that “she is there to shake up the dynamic.

“[She’s] a strong, independent thinker who isn’t afraid to express her opinion but ingratiates herself with the team by virtue of hard work and doggedness,” Hudgins said.

Gaines Goes Up Against LaCroix With Her Rather Stubborn Nature

Gaines is already adding a dose of drama. In her first seven episodes, she ends up on the wrong side of her supervisor Jess LaCroix. Her stubborn nature makes her not willing to say “I’m sorry” or “I apologize” anytime soon.

Davalos said about her character, “Jess wants her to follow the game plan; she trusts her gut and intuition.”

So, Gaines does have a tough, serious exterior. Yet she also has a compassionate heart which will come into clash with her job.

Just who plays LaCroix on the show? Julian McMahon

He is from Australia. In fact, his father is former Australian Prime Minister Sir William McMahon.

Roles include John Grant in Profiler along with Cole Turner in Charmed.