‘FBI: Most Wanted’: Julian McMahon Says Jess Will Struggle With Tali Going To Boarding School

by Anna Dunn

FBI: Most Wanted star Julian McMahon says that Jess will struggle when Tali goes to boarding school. When the show comes back in early January, Tali will be setting her horizons elsewhere and heading off to boarding school in Canada. Apparently, this will put Jess to the test and will potentially even hurt his relationship with Sarah.

The end of the last episode saw Jess having a conversation with Tali where he tells her that he will let her pursue the incredible opportunity of going to the Canadian boarding school of her dreams. But that definitely doesn’t mean it’s going to be easy for him to let her go.

The FBI: Most Wanted midseason premiere, titled Incendiary, aires on January 4th at 10/9 central.

“Look, I think he might initially handle it, on the surface, kind of well,” McMahon said in an interview with TV Line, but that’s not going to last long. “I don’t think it’s something he’s going to handle that well.”

Jess has been through a lot in the past, and Tali is the person he’s arguably closest with. To lose that figure in his life isn’t going to be easy for him. And Sarah isn’t really in a position to fill that void. Which may cause some issues for them.

“I don’t know if Sarah can be that [person] just yet,” McMahon suggested. “In fact, I’m pretty sure Jess and Sarah are not there yet.”

They haven’t been dating for too long after all, so it’s definitely not going to be easy for either of them to adjust to the change. He also teased that the whole situation will be “an interesting thing” to see unfold.

Will We Ever See Tali on ‘FBI: Most Wanted’ Again?

While the new storyline is exciting, some fans are worried that we’ll never see Tali again now that she’s off to boarding school. But McMahon has assured viewers that we will see more of Tali after she leaves.

“No, no, we have to go through the whole, ”Dad doesn’t want you to go’ stuff.’ They’re gonna go through that. And then we have to figure out a few things in regards to whether she can actually literally go, so no, that’s not a goodbye,” he said to Cinemablend.

Tali is played by 12-year-old YaYa Gosselin, and it doesn’t look like she’s leaving the show completely. If you want to see what happens next with Jess, Tali, and Sarah on FBI: Most Wanted, you’ll have to wait until January 4th. But whatever happens, it looks like Jess is going to have to deal with the fallout for the rest of the season.