‘FBI: Most Wanted’: Meet the Newest Member of the Team

by Taylor Cunningham

Meet Kristen Gaines, FBI: Most Wanted‘s newest character who is hiding a tragic event from her days in the military.

This year, FBI: Most Wanted introduced Agent Kristin Gaines—a badass ex-navy soldier who transferred to the team from Miami.

“She is there to shake up the dynamic,” FBI: Most Wanted executive producer David Hudgins told TV Insider. “[She’s] a strong, independent thinker who isn’t afraid to express her opinion but ingratiates herself with the team by virtue of hard work and doggedness.”

Gaines is sure to add some drama to the screen. During her first seven episodes, the agent ended up on the wrong side of her supervisor Jess LaCroix. And because of her stubborn nature, she’s not looking to make amends any time soon.

“Jess wants her to follow the game plan; she trusts her gut and intuition,” said Gaines actress Alexa Davalos.

The new FBI character is also more complicated than she originally appeared. Under her tough and serious military exterior lies a truly compassionate heart. And this week, Gaines struggled emotionally as she worked the case of a murdered lifestyle influencer.

“The most challenging thing has been having to rein in the emotion I know Kristin can’t have in the moment,” Davalos continued. “She’s got to swallow it [to do her job]. I think it’s painful for her.”

While she was on the job solving the murder, Gaines hid her feelings from her new team members. But when she left one night, she relied on her ex-husband, Nick Vargas, for a little support. Vargas and Gaines are currently in a unique situation. The two are living together with their teenage children. That element is sure to expand in future episodes.

FBI: Most Wanted will also explore the complexities of Kristin Gaines’s personality later this season when the series focuses on an incident from her time in the navy.

“[The incident] informs not only her work but her divorce and personal life as well,” Hudgins teased. “The deepest wounds sometimes heal the best.”

‘FBI: Most Wanted’ Star Julian McMahon Proud to Represent Working Single Fathers in Show

On FBI: Most Wanted, Julian McMahon plays widower Jess LaCroix, the lead agent of the fugitive task force—which hunts down the country’s most hideous and dangerous criminals.

But LaCroix is more than just a no-nonsense FBI agent. He’s also a singer father to his young daughter, Tali.

During a short Q&A with Wolf Entertainment, Julian McMahon revealed that his character’s role as a single father is one of the reasons McMahon decided to join the series.

“Look, I have to tell you, that kind of attribute to the character is one that was very engaging to me,” the star said. “And (it’s) one of the reasons I wanted to be part of the show!”