‘FBI: Most Wanted’ Star Julian McMahon Reveals If Tali Is Leaving the Show

by Suzanne Halliburton
Mark Schafer/ ©2021 CBS

Jess LaCroix’s family is a huge part of FBI: Most Wanted. But after the show’s fall finale, will one of the characters be leaving the show?

Julian McMahon portrays LaCroix, the supervisory agent and head of the FBI: Most Wanted fugitive task force. He’s also a widow. Tali is his young daughter. Sarah is his girlfriend. And LaCroix’s dad also is in the picture. Earlier this month, Byron LaCroix, Jess’ dad and Tali’s grandfather, got married. So the family celebrated the joyous, but intimate wedding.

Now, FBI: Most Wanted fans learned in Tuesday’s episode that Tali got into a prestigious school. There’s no bad news there. The problem is the location of the school. It’s in Canada and it’s a boarding school. Tali will be closer to her maternal grandparents, but not her dad and granddad.

So what does it all mean for future shows? YaYa Gosselin, the 12-year-old Texan, has portrayed Tali for all three seasons. CBS elevated her to full-time cast in season two. She was recurring in the debut season of FBI: Most Wanted.

McMahon told CinemaBlend that Tali still is very much part of the show.

“No, she’s gonna be with us,” the FBI: Most Wanted star said. “No, no, we have to go through the whole, ”Dad doesn’t want you to go’ stuff.’ They’re gonna go through that. And then we have to figure out a few things in regards to whether she can actually literally go, so no, that’s not a goodbye.”

Photo: Mark Schafer / CBS

LaCroix doesn’t want his daughter to go off to school. He was hoping the school would decline her application, so father-daughter wouldn’t need the talk. But he’s going to let her leave, even if it breaks his heart.

“I think he’s at a crossroads,” McMahon said of his character. “And he’s finding it difficult to raise his daughter … with the type and amount of work that he does. And also his inability to kind of understand the effects that previous circumstances and situations such as the season (two) finale … has affected his home life. … I don’t think he quite understands that. And so, I think that there’s a lot that has to be fleshed out there. And I think it’s for particularly all of those three characters, the Sarah character, Jess and Tali.”

FBI: Most Wanted returns Jan. 4 with a new episode. This week’s finale Run-Hide-Fight reflected a very real event happening across the country. There was a mass shooting at a mall. Jess and Barnes were out Christmas shopping when both agents got caught up in a mall shooting. Meanwhile, family members, including Tali, were outside, waiting for news.

The next new episode is Incendiary. And LaCroix and his girlfriend Sarah are trying to get used to an empty nest, according to the CBS plot tease. The FBI: Most Wanted crime of the week is extreme. The agents hunt for a young man “who is using napalm-style bombs to attack his targets.”