‘FBI: Most Wanted’ Star Julian McMahon Talks Tali and Sarah’s Strengthening Bond

by Samantha Whidden
(Photo by David Livingston/Getty Images)

Prior to the exciting mid-season finale of CBS’ hit series FBI: Most Wanted, actor and star of the show Julian McMahon is opening up about the strong bond between Tali and Sarah. 

During an interview with TVLine, the FBI: Most Wanted star called the bond between his character Jess’ girlfriend Sarah (Jen Landon) and Tali (YaYa Gosselin), who is his daughter on the show, really beautiful. “It’s an interesting thing to be under so much pressure, and what comes out of that,” he explained.

The FBI: Most Wanted cast member then turned his attention to the upcoming episode, which is titled Run-Hide-Fight. He stated that emotionally the “connective tissue” of the episode is different. “You’ve got all of your family members pretty much in the mall. And an emotional through-line connects of all of them as this tragic moment touches everybody’s lives in a way you can’t do without an extreme reality.”

Although McMahon states that the FBI: Most Wanted mid-season finale is wrapped up with a “Christmas bow,” he does admit there isn’t a good time for an episode like this to air. “It’s an interesting thing. I kind of feel like with these shows, you always get asked, ‘What does the audience get out of this? And why do they keep coming back?’ I was thinking over the weekend that’s always something to lean into that’s tragic.”

‘FBI: Most Wanted’ Star Julian McMahon Continues to Talk About The Mid-Season Finale 

While chatting with CinemaBlend, FBI: Most Wanted star Julian McMahon shares more details about the upcoming mid-season finale. “As you know, we have to kind of take our journey, and our journey usually involves some kind of tragic event. And hunting down bad guys.”

The FBI: Most Wanted actor also noted that while there are some intense moments through the episode, he does describe it as being “kind of” beautiful. “[It’s] very kind of holiday-esque kind of bittersweetness to it.”

While chatting about his character Jess, the FBI: Most Wanted castmate stated he believes that the character is trying to find a balance. “There’s a scene between him and Tali that’s an interesting thing. I thought it was really kind of fascinating if you think about it from Tali’s perspective. You think, like, ‘Okay, my dad goes to work. He’s an FBI agent. He comes home from work. I see him and then he goes off again.’”

The FBI: Most Wanted star goes on to add that he really wanted the character to be a different person at home versus at work. That’s why he believes his character is trying to find a balance. “So that for Tali, she actually gets to see her dad, her real dad, what he’s like, out in the real world.”