‘FBI: Most Wanted’: The Upcoming ‘Hunter’ Episode Sounds Absolutely Creepy

by Suzanne Halliburton

Get this. FBI: Most Wanted might be creepier than usual in its next new episode. And it could be the most out-there crime series on network TV.

So circle your calendars for next Tuesday. That’s when FBI: Most Wanted features an episode called Hunter. And according to CBS, here’s what you’ll see in the hour: “The Fugitive Task Force chases a killer who plays a twisted game of cat and mouse with his victims. Also, Hana shares something personal about herself with her new roommate, Ortiz.”

So we’re wondering how much more twisted FBI: Most Wanted has to be for a killer’s game to stand out from all the other cases? This Tuesday’s new episode, the first since Dec. 14, was all about a guy who set people on fire. Remember, this FBI spinoff is about the fugitive task force, which is headed by Jess LaCroix (Julian McMahon). This unit deals with the most evil criminals in the United States. And FBI: Most Wanted writers don’t pull any punches for its millions of viewers.

We’ll recap Tuesday’s episode called Incendiary. About the only plotline not tainted with fugitives was Jess and his girlfriend dealing with empty nest syndrome. The main chunk of the show was about a former Marine who was torching folks. He literally was incendiary.

Mark Schafer/CBS ©2021

The Marine first went to a casino and threw a Molotov cocktail towards a security guard, setting him on fire. Then he grabbed the guard’s gun and killed the guard’s co-worker. He also set a dealer on fire. See, there’s a theme. The suspect didn’t try to hide his identity. Binh Dao was pretty blatant. His family moved to the United States from Vietnam. His mother and stepdad raised him. When the FBI: Most Wanted team interviewed the parents, neither could figure out why their son had turned into such an evil killer.

But the son didn’t stop. He killed an older woman who helped his mother get a job years ago. She’d also aided his job search after he left the Marines. His fellow soldiers, however, said they always thought Binh had a chip on his shoulder. He never fit into his unit.

The fugitive team delved into Binh’s military background. He enlisted as soon as he got out of high school. And he likely was bullied by his fellow students. He also believed he was bullied in the Marines. It appeared that Binh was looking for revenge on everyone who’d wronged him.

But his choice in victims still seemed confusing. But the FBI: Most Wanted agents figured it out. Binh’s stepdad gambled away the family’s money at the local casino. His mother needed back surgery, but her husband canceled it behind her back. The mother had a degree in chemical engineering, but couldn’t find a job in her field. Instead, she settled for a job as a cleaner. The older woman Binh killed was the same one who suggested his mother do that job. Binh planned on killing his stepdad and the guy who owned the lab, which wouldn’t hire his mother years ago.

So imagine FBI: Most Wanted offering up a creepier than usual episode. It could be a doozy.