‘FBI: Most Wanted’: Why One Recent Storyline Was Essentially Dropped

by Taylor Cunningham
Photo: Mark SchŠfer / CBS ©2020 CBS Broadcasting, Inc. All Rights Reserved.

Nelson and Marilou Skye were fan favorites on FBI: Most Wanted. So why were they written off of the series? Star Julian McMahon recently answered that question.

Up until 2020, Tali LaCroix’s grandparents, Nelson and Marilou, were reoccurring characters on FBI: Most Wanted. But after the season two premiere, they were never seen again. The show mentioned that Nelson and Marilou had moved to Canada. But fans were confused about the abrupt disappearance.

For some time, people speculated that Clinton Skye’s exit fueled the decision to remove the grandparents from the show. And in today’s installment of Matt’s Inside line, those rumors were confirmed.

“I loved that storyline,” Jess actor Julian McMahon told TVLine. “But once we lost the Clinton character (played by former cast member Nathaniel Arcand), it didn’t play into the sensibility of the whole thing. We only have brief moments where we can express that kind of stuff, a minute or so on either end [of an episode]. So I think it was decided that we needed to move away from that because that door had kind of shut.”

Is Tali Leaving ‘FBI: Most Wanted’?

On the fall finale of FBI: Most Wanted, Tali LaCroix was accepted into a prestigious Canadian school, which left fans wondering if her actress YaYa Gosselin is leaving the series.

Tali is the daughter of Jess LaCroix (Julian McMahon), head of the FBI fugitive task force. And she’s been a major reoccurring character in the show. But during this week’s episode titled Run-Hide-Fight, the 12-year-old was set to move closer to her grandparents.

The plotline seemed like a good old-fashioned write-off. But according to McMahon, it’s not.

“No, she’s gonna be with us,” the FBI: Most Wanted star said. “No, no, we have to go through the whole, ‘Dad doesn’t want you to go’ stuff.’ They’re gonna go through that. And then we have to figure out a few things in regards to whether she can actually literally go, so no, that’s not a goodbye.”

According to the actor, Jess doesn’t want Talia to move away—he was actually hoping the school would deny her application. But McMahon revealed that Jess will allow Talia to leave. And it’s going to break his heart.

“I think he’s at a crossroads,” McMahon shared. “And he’s finding it difficult to raise his daughter … with the type and amount of work that he does. And also his inability to kind of understand the effects that previous circumstances and situations such as the season (two) finale … has affected his home life. … I don’t think he quite understands that. And so, I think that there’s a lot that has to be fleshed out there.”

FBI: Most Wanted returns Jan. 4.