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‘FBI: Most Wanted’s Dylan McDermott Gushes About Working With Daughter in New Episode

by TK Sanders

Dylan McDermott is excited to work with daughter, Colette, on an upcoming episode of FBI: Most Wanted. The star of the CBS drama will share some screen time with his real-life daughter on Tuesday’s episode.

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The synopsis of the episode sounds thrilling. In the episode, “The Miseducation of Metcalfe 2,” the Most Wanted gang must locate two missing college girls after their roommate’s older brother is connected to a homicide that went down in their dorm room. Colette McDermott plays Carly, the roommate whose brother was involved.

In a special sneak peek from ET, Supervisory Special Agent Remy Scott (Dylan McDermott) and Special Agent Kristin Gaines (Alexa Davalos) question Carly about her brother, reminding her that obstructing justice can lead to jail time.

The interrogation then turns to unregistered guns found in a duffle bag, and that’s when Remy demands more cooperation — and maybe even an invasion of privacy. Things then get tense between the McDermott’s characters, and their real-life chemistry should make for an exciting scene.

“It has been such a great pleasure to work with my daughter, Colette,” Dylan said in a previous interview. “She’s so smart, really talented and deeply compassionate. I’m lucky to be her Dad.”

Dylan McDermott revealed that the family dog, Otis, also makes an appearance in the new episode

Colette said she’s “learned a lot from her dad,” but filming with him was a new experience for her. But because she started filming the episode before him, she said she got used to her character before having to appear opposite her Dad.

“We definitely had a moment where we couldn’t stop laughing, so we had to get past that in a rehearsal,” Colette, 26, said with a smile.

Dylan agreed, saying Colette “got to be her own person and act in scenes that I wasn’t in [because of the scheduling]. She already knew everybody, and then we were able to do a scene together without her being nervous. I think she’s great in this episode. I think it’s a wonderful showcase for her. It’s time for her to take over the family business. And not only is my daughter in it, my dog [Otis] also makes a brief appearance.”

As for family similarities between the two, Colette said — beyond the strong resemblance — the two both share a similar sensitivity.

“I really enjoy our friendship. I feel like we have a mutual respect for each other. It’s so cool. We’re able to really talk like friends a lot of the time. I’m really grateful for that,” she says. “I think we’re both deeply emotional people, and I think, being an empath, really helps connect to different scenarios and stories,” she adds. “I definitely see that in him and I think I share his sensitivity.”