‘FBI’ Says New Episode’s Case is a Very ‘Personal’ One for Scola

by Joe Rutland

An upcoming episode of the CBS franchise show FBI turns into a “personal” one for Special Agent Stuart Scola, played by John Boyd.

Scola appears in this screenshot from the show’s official Twitter account.

Tonight’s episode is titled Fire and Rain. According to an article from Sportskeeda, the synopsis provided by CBS reads, “A widow is shocked that her new ‘boyfriend’ is the manipulative leader of a terrorist group planning an attack; Scola is reminded of his brother’s death on 9/11; Tiffany worries about his emotional choices during the investigation.”

From this, we get a little more information on what is on Scola’s mind.

Outsiders, this episode of FBI airs on Tuesday at 8 p.m. Eastern, 7 p.m. Central, on CBS.

‘FBI’ Star Talks About How Starting His Career on Stage Helped Him with TV work

Throughout the entertainment world, there are examples of actors who would work on stage then move over to TV.

This definitely is true of FBI star Boyd, Outsiders.

He talks about this part of his life in an interview with Assignment X. Boyd revealed just how the stage performances prepped him for future roles.

Boyd is from California but he has called both Los Angeles and New York City as home.

“I grew up on the east side here in L.A. and then lived in New York after school and have kind of been back and forth since then,” Boyd said. “I’ve done my laps on stage in New York, for sure.”

But his audition for FBI is right where he learned that his previous experience would help him.

“The first time I walked into a network test for Fox, it felt like [being on] stage,” Boyd said. “And that’s something that absolutely fueled me and held my energy. So I love having that background.”

Boyd Played Two Different Roles As Part of ‘Law & Order’ OG Show

Being on FBI is not the first Dick Wolf show that Boyd has been on in his career.

He played in two different roles in two episodes of Law and Order in 2005 and 2006.

The 2005 episode had Boyd portray Zach Burns in Locomotion.

District Attorney Jack McCoy (Sam Waterson) takes on a very unusual case. A failed suicide attempt just leads to a tragedy.

This man faces accusations of mass murder after attempting to kill himself. He drove onto train tracks and waited for a train.

His actions killed 12 people and injured 250 passengers.

In 2006, Boyd plays a man named Kenny Ellis in a Law & Order episode titled Profiteer.

He plays Ellis, a man who guns down the powerful executive of a body armor company as he arrives at his daughter’s $2 million Sweet Sixteen party.