‘FBI’: Omar Adom Actor Zeeko Zaki Learned Valuable Lesson About Actual FBI from Show

by Shelby Scott

Dick Wolf is a production giant over on CBS, with an arsenal of fast-paced investigative crime dramas to his name. As one of the producer’s newest shows, “FBI” continues to see growing success. Part of that is due to the diversity of its characters. One of those, Omar Adom actor Zeeko Zaki is one of those and, as he plays the role of one of the hit show’s FBI agents. He’s further learned a lot about what it entails to be an agent in real life.

Many investigative shows highlight the emotional and mental strain the job puts on individual characters. However, Zaki highlighted a new aspect of “FBI” as a genuine national agency. In speaking with CBS New York, he stated of his role, “One of the things I’ve learned about the FBI is they never wake up and say why am I doing this.” He proposed that the job provides moral purpose and meaning.

In his statement, Zaki continued, “There’s no existential crisis in their line of work.”

While many forms of employment across the United States lead employees to a feeling of unfulfillment, the “FBI” actor implied, based on his knowledge gleaned from his role, that genuine FBI agents wake up each day with a mission and a purpose. And that’s exactly what we see over on CBS.

Additionally, the “FBI” star addressed his role as a protagonist Arab Muslim. He shared, “I can’t believe I get to be one of the first protagonist Arab Muslims. It’s great and the pressure there keeps you going.”

‘FBI’ Crossovers Come to an End for 2021

“FBI” made its original debut back in 2018 and from then on, became a major success for CBS. However, this year marked an even more exciting kickoff for the “FBI” franchise. It saw the addition of its newest spin-off, “FBI: International.”

“FBI” star Zeeko Zaki actually found himself working alongside the franchise’s newest crew during the three seasons’ premieres. Like many Dick Wolf shows, the franchise saw a major crossover event at the beginning of the season and giving a fans a taste for more.

However, it appears “FBI” fans will be left disappointed. Showrunners have confirmed “FBI” won’t see any additional crossovers for the 2021 year. However, if “FBI” is anything like “One Chicago,” another Dick Wolf franchise, then we should expect to continue seeing crossovers as the shows continue.

Nevertheless, our iconic showrunner who often teases Outsiders with details regarding the “One Chicago” series gave some valid reasons as to why it’s so much more complicated to see crossovers on “FBI.”

Haas began, “I can’t imagine us doing another one this year. It was so much more work than when we do the Chicago ones.” While our beloved “One Chicago” franchise takes place in the same city, time zone, environment, “FBI” crosses time zones across the globe, and producers and showrunners need to help characters navigate “jet lag” and discrepancies in work hours to name a few of the basic obstacles.

However, like I said, knowing Dick Wolf and his production style, we’re sure to see more crossovers eventually.