‘FBI’: One Character’s Fate Hangs in Balance After Tragic Turn of Events

by Lauren Boisvert
Photo: David M. Russell/CBS ©2021 CBS Broadcasting, Inc. All Rights Reserved

This week on “FBI,” a crucial character is left with their life on the line, and fans have to wait until January 4 to find out what happens. On the Dec. 14 episode, titled “Unfinished Business,” saw Rina Trenholm shot and in critical condition. Jubal Valentine was told to sit the case out, as he was too close to Rina to be objective.

As usual with those types of situations, he worked the case anyway. Apparently, someone was following Rina before her shooting, scoping her out. The team found Frank Castlewood, but he wasn’t the shooter, just the stalker.

It turns out, Castlewood wasn’t just stalking Rina, though; he was also stalking the other agents. It turns out, the mastermind behind the entire operation was Antonio Vargas. He was the one-time leader of the Durango Cartel before the FBI had to use extreme measures to arrest him. He’s the one who hired Castlewood and the shooter, a man named Winters. Apparently, Vargas was holding a grudge; his wife and child were killed after he was sent to prison. With this operation, he wanted the team to feel his pain. An eye for an eye, and all that.

Right now, Rina is still in the hospital. She’s in a coma, and things are looking pretty serious. Jubal wanted Vargas killed in prison, but Isobel put a stop to that line of thought; Jubal’s head wasn’t in the right place, with Rina critically injured. Isobel didn’t want him to make a decision he’d regret.

‘FBI’: Jeremy Sisto Talks Jubal Valentine’s Upcoming Stuggles

In conversation with CinemaBlend, Jubal Valentine actor Jeremy Sisto spoke about what’s next for his character after the midseason finale. His girlfriend is currently in a coma, and there wasn’t even the satisfaction of catching a criminal and putting him in jail, because the guy was already in prison. So, what’s next for Jubal?

“He’s going to be in a precarious time for some time while he deals with the grief of the situation or the fallout of this trauma,” Sisto said. “It adds to the danger, the stakes. When the people you have out there on the case are usually the ones keeping it together, when they are in question, they’re still better than somebody else.” Meaning, even though Jubal doesn’t have his head completely in the game, he’s still competent enough to do his job.

“But at what point do you have to make the call to, ‘You know what, I’m going to step aside,'” Sisto continued. “But yeah, he doesn’t get sidelined and he is highly motivated to find the culprit and handle the situation.”

Apparently, “FBI” returns, Jubal is taking his tough situation – Rina in a coma – and using that as a motivator to solve crimes.