‘FBI’: One Star Was a Big Fan of Procedural Shows Before Getting Role

by Joe Rutland

It’s good to have one of FBI‘s stars be in love with procedural dramas before getting his role on the CBS crime drama.

Who could this actor be, after all? It’s Zeeko Zaki, who plays FBI Special Agent Omar Adom “O.A.” Zidan on the show.

He talked about his love for these types of shows in an interview with Assignment X.

“I’ve always been a procedural fan, because of the idea that they’re all movies,” Zaki said. “Every episode that we get is a movie, every episode you watch, you don’t have to pick up.

“I love that because my dad, he doesn’t have to watch the entire series, he can just pick up an episode and get into it, and I think that’s really exciting,” he said. “Because we get to Episode 1 – bombing, MS-13. Then maybe there’s a hate crime, and with every new episode, we get to research new things, question new suspects, get new background information, so that’s exciting, because it’s not just one storyline.”

FBI is currently in its fourth season on CBS. It’s part of the Dick Wolf franchise world along with FBI: Most Wanted and FBI: International.

Catch FBI on Tuesday nights at 8 p.m. Eastern, 7 p.m. Central. It kicks off an entire Tuesday night on CBS full of FBI shows.

‘FBI’ Star Jeremy Sisto Offers Thoughts On What He Believes Is Heart of the Show

Jeremy Sisto plays Jubal Valentine on FBI. But he’s also leaning in to offer his thoughts around what he thinks is the heart of the show.

Sisto talked with Starry Magazine about the show. The actor said that there were “really cool performances” in a recent episode. He was referring to the parents of a kid that got kidnapped and the dad is hiding something.

“It was a difficult conviction that Maggie (Missy Peregrym) has to make and hope that it turns out right,” Sisto said.

He added this observation, too.

Sisto said he thinks “at the heart of this show is a reminder that these people are putting themselves put there so much and it takes a really specific type of person to go out on the line at that level and be like, ‘If I’m wrong, this couple loses their kid. But I’m going to trust myself.’ Every week is different…”

Now, what is challenging for him to play his role every episode?

Sisto said it’s just one of those things “where a lot of the scenes we’re doing feels very similar.

“They are all connected [with] very different kinds of plots and intensities and immediacies,” he said.

Sisto admits another challenge facing the cast is to accurately portray the FBI as best as possible.