‘FBI’ Showrunner on What We Can Expect From Vargas Storyline

by Taylor Cunningham

Antonio Vargas may be the ultimate FBI nemesis. But unfortunately, it sounds like we may have seen the last of him.

During the intense FBI mid-season finale last month, the bitter Durango Cartel kingpin crafted a plan to seek revenge on the special agents who put him behind bars.

As the story opened, Rina Trenholm and Jubal Valentine shared a kiss on the sidewalk moments before an artificial intelligence bot shot Trenholm, which left her fighting for her life.

The agents soon figured out that Vargas had somehow installed facial recognition software all over the city. And he had it programmed to target all the FBI agents and their family members.

In the end, the team discovered that Vargas had hired high-tech gunners to take down all of the agents who were responsible for both the death of his family and his incarceration. And he vowed not to stop until every last target was dead.

When FBI picked back up this week, Antonio Vargas was no longer the center of the story, which has some of us wondering if showrunner Rick Eid is just going to leave us hanging—or worse, let the plotline die.

So during this week’s edition of Inside Line, one fan asked Matt Webb Mitovich if he had any information on the Vargas revenge storyline, and he did. But it’s not exactly what we were wanting to hear.

“For starters, showrunner Rick Eid tells Inside Line, ‘I’m not sure if we’ll see Vargas again,'” he wrote. “I love the actor, David Zayas. And I love the three shows we’ve done with him at the center. And I’d like to keep his storyline going for as long as possible…. In truth, we just need to come up with the right idea.’”

So for now, the agents are safe from Vargas’s high-tech attacks. But hopefully, Rick Eid eventually comes up with “the right idea” because we’d love to see that story come to a proper close.

Jeremy Sisto Hopes That ‘FBI’ Can Last For Many More Years

Jeremy Sisto has been the star of FBI for four years. And he hopes to keep at it for at least 16 more. Now that Law & Order has been resurrected after a 13-year hiatus, he’s feeling hopeful that his show is here to stay.

Both series are produced by the legendary Dick Wolf after all. And everything he touches turns to television gold.

“With the new Law & Order, it’s very exciting,” the FBI star told CinemaBlend “I just talked to Anthony and he’s loving it. And Rick is really excited. So it’s fun. I love that it’s continued on; it gives me hope that [FBI] can go on for more than 20 years.”