‘FBI’ Shows Return Tonight: How, When to Watch

by Joe Rutland

Look out, friend, because FBI is returning to the CBS primetime lineup tonight. Let’s check out how you can see the show.

We get a little assistance from the show’s Instagram account.

Let’s just take a peek and see what was sent out on Tuesday afternoon.

So we have a series of three photos from all three shows in the franchise. That would be FBI, FBI: International, and FBI: Most Wanted.

For our purposes, we’re talking solely about the franchise-leading series. This is yet another bunch of shows from the brilliant mind of Dick Wolf.

FBI, which stars Missy Peregrym, Jeremy Sisto, and Zeeko Zaki, airs at 8 p.m. Eastern, 7 p.m. Central, on CBS. The other two shows will follow this one.

Tonight’s episode is titled Fostered. Here’s a synopsis for you: “As the team investigates a string of jewelry store robberies that culminate in a double murder, they uncover a connection to a 16-year-old boy trying to survive the foster care system. Also, Tiffany Wallace, played by Katherine Renee Turner, becomes personally invested after learning about the boy’s ill-fated upbringing.” 

Needless to say, expect some fast-moving scenes and action galore when this show airs on CBS.

‘FBI’ Duped Some Fans Into Believing Show Was Dumping A Character

As you can tell from above, Peregrym is still on FBI. But the show’s creators did try to dupe some fans into believing they were getting rid of her character, Maggie.

Why don’t we go back to the recent finale for 2021 and check out some details?

So, Maggie gets shot. There is a little pivot that takes place during the episode.

Some fans started fretting that Maggie, and Peregrym, were headed out the front door from the crime drama.

Nope, it didn’t happen. Maggie gets some attention in an ambulance, letting fans know that she’s going to be OK.

Coming up on Tuesday night’s episode, you can see Maggie back at work in the field.

Taking on this show was a very big call for her to make.

Peregrym tells Variety, “I had put myself out there for other things, but there wasn’t anything I was as excited about. The reason why I was excited about this was it’s no different than Law & Order: SVU in that the impact that show has had outside of the show is remarkable, and I’m really impressed with what Mariska [Hargitay] has made of that.

“If we can do something that really impacts people for the greater good with the show and outside of that, there’s nothing else I would rather be a part of,” she says.