‘FBI’ Star Broke Down the Day He Spent with Real FBI Agents

by Chase Thomas

One of the best parts about FBI is how realistic it comes off to the viewer. Part of that is because the showrunners and producers do a great job of ensuring that they’re doing their homework.

For a show as complicated as FBI, this can be a tough task. You don’t want to present the FBI incorrectly on such a large platform. So to ensure that was not the case cast members spent time with real FBI agents.

Jeremy Sisto said of the time with Long Island Weekly, “Dick and Craig had worked pretty closely with the New York office with a handful of agents there.” The showrunners and producers made sure that they worked with real agents before working on the project.

Working with The Real FBI

He continued, “I think Dick had actually produced a documentary about the FBI there, which a lot of the show was inspired by that. I became friendly with some of the agents and the guy who my role was kind of based on. It was really cool and it was with great people. We got to tour the office and go to the bar where they all drink and just hang out with them. We had great conversations about how it all works. It’s a really cool job and the people who are drawn towards it have a real capacity to handle some high intensity crap.”

The show was actually inspired by a different Dick Wolf documentary we found. Sisto mentions that his role was actually based on one of the agents. He worked with and met with at the time. Sisto clearly holds the agents in high regard with his close statement about everything that goes into the job. As seen by their conversations. Along with getting an inside look at what that all looks like for the day in and day out.

Jeremy Sisto on ‘Law & Order’ Before ‘FBI’

Sisto already had experience working with Wolf before joining the show. Sisto said at the time, “I was on Law & Order when they closed out the 20-year run of the original show.”

He continued, “Dick called me and had me come by to have me meet him and Craig [Turk], who is the other creator of the show, along with a couple of other producers that I’ve known. We just talked about [FBI] and it was towards the end of pilot season and it seemed cool. Dick is a good person to be in business with and it’s always a nice feeling when someone you’ve worked with calls you back because that means they liked working with you. I liked the idea of the role.”

And the rest was history. Sisto signed onto the part.