‘FBI’ Star John Boyd Revealed How Starting Career on Stage Helped Prepare Him for TV

by Jacklyn Krol

FBI star John Boyd believes that theater improved his on-screen acting abilities.

In an interview with Assignment X, he revealed how exactly stage performances prepared him for his future roles.

The California native called both entertainment capitals home at one point or another. It was in the Big Apple where he discovered his passion for live acting.

“I grew up on the east side here in L.A. and then lived in New York after school and have kind of been back and forth since then,” he said before adding, “I’ve done my laps on stage in New York, for sure.”

However, it was his audition for the hit crime procedural where he learned how much his previous experience would help him.

“The first time I walked into a network test for Fox, it felt like stage,” he shared. “And that’s something that absolutely fueled me and held my energy. So I love having that background.”

John Boyd’s ‘FBI’ Agent Connections

John Boyd has played quite a few roles that involve government agents.

Years before FBI he starred as James Aubrey on Bones for three years. This was his first time playing the role of an FBI agent on television but not his first as an official. He was featured on 24 as Arlo Glass.

“I guess my only real training ground was doing Arlo on Season 8 of 24,” he told Assignment X in 2015. “I was a CTU tech, which was definitely different, but sort of a young spirit in that way, but I hadn’t done FBI.”

Surprisingly, he wasn’t put off or scared by the gruesome natures of either of the shows.

“It was fun because I got to make those discoveries,” he explained. “Like seeing a disgusting dead body for the first time and having it make me half-sick and those sorts of things that maybe we take for granted after we’ve seen them a million times. It was fun to be new and play the new guy. They fed off of each other really well.”

In addition to his official roles, he also portrayed the victim and bad guy twice in Law & Order. His first guest star appearance was in 2005 when he played the character of Zach Burns in the episode “Locomotion.” The case revolved around a man who attempted to commit suicide by driving into an oncoming train. In the process, he killed 12 people and injured 250. The investigation took a turn when he claimed that he was also a victim. The team figured it all out and their original hunch was correct.

The second episode was in the 2006 episode “Profiteer” to play Kenny Ellis. The case was the murder of a body armor executive who was murdered at his daughter’s birthday party. The team discovered that it was because one of his vests did not work and ended up killing a soldier while in Iraq. The soldier’s friend blamed him for this and sought revenge.