‘FBI’ Stars Dish on What It Was Like Filming Mega-Sized Crossover

by Joe Rutland

What a way, Outsiders, for the “FBI” franchise under Dick Wolf to open its new season as all three shows were part of a crossover event.

You read that right. “FBI,” “Most Wanted,” and the newest show, “International,” had a connecting thread tying one show with another.

Such nights like these actually can introduce fans to other shows in a franchise. CBS gets quite a jolt in its primetime ratings with these events.

What did the cast of all these shows think about the big night of “FBI” programming? They shared some thoughts in this video from the “FBI” Twitter account.

If you are interested in catching those crossover episodes, then they are available on the CBS program’s website.

Wolf has quite a track record with successful franchises. Case in point: NBC’s “Law & Order” and “Chicago” programs that air right now.

Having his name on “FBI” probably gives CBS some comfort as these shows find and grow their audiences. All three shows take up the Tuesday night primetime lineup, so reserve your TV spots right now.

‘FBI’ Franchise Creator Knows About The Power Of Stacking Shows In Lineup

As we said, Outsiders, Dick Wolf is the creative genius behind these “FBI” shows. He’s also quite familiar with having his shows follow one after another.

Why do this? Wolf answered some questions on the process during an interview with Deadline

Wolf said there are “certain dynamics” that work out when stacking shows.

“You can look at research that tells you that everybody talks about binges, and people bingeing a series and watching (a season) in three nights,” he said.

Knowing about people’s viewing habits when it comes to watching these shows in one sitting helps Wolf plan it out.

“FBI” draws its fair share of eyeballs with this process.

Series With Multiple Shows In Its Franchise Can Be Binge-Viewed At One Time

Wolf also said that the streaming series usually get an eight-episode order from networks. That also plays into viewers watching a lot of episodes at one time.

How long with people sit there and watch them together? Wolf said the average is around three hours.

He added that “after 40 years of doing this, the one thing I know is that if you set the table correctly for an American television audience, they’ll stay.”

With this news, was CBS willing to take a chance on another “FBI” spin-off? The answer is yes.

It led to Wolf creating “International” to air right after the franchise’s original show and “Most Wanted.”

“‘FBI’ is the fastest growing brand on television and our partner Dick Wolf has found yet another creative way to expand its universe,” CBS Entertainment President Kelly Kahl said when speaking to Deadline.