‘FBI’: Stuart Scola Actor John Boyd Discussed His Research To Play an FBI Agent in Previous Role

by Jacklyn Krol

Did you know that FBI star John Boyd has portrayed an agent in more than one television show?

In a 2015 interview with Assignment X, Boyd spoke about portraying Special Agent James Aubrey in the tenth season of Bones.

“I guess my only real training ground was doing Arlo on Season 8 of 24,” he told the outlet. “I was a CTU tech, which was definitely different, but sort of a young spirit in that way, but I hadn’t done FBI.”

Instead of learning and training beforehand, he had to learn on the job. The opportunity to play the role happened in an instant.

You know, I sort of have as we’ve gone along,” he admitted. “The job happened so quickly – I was living in New York, and we just had a new baby, and I got the phone call that said, ‘You’re flying to L.A. to test.'”

Continuing The Journey

He ended up giving his audition on a Friday and then went to work on that Monday. By Tuesday he was able to handle a firearm.

“So I hit the ground running. And luckily, any time I’m in doubt, I can always watch to see how David Boreanaz does it, which is not too shabby,” he said.

He joined the series later in the game with actors who were already used to the gruesome subject matter and gore on set.

“It was fun because I got to make those discoveries,” he added. “Like seeing a disgusting dead body for the first time and having it make me half-sick and those sorts of things that maybe we take for granted after we’ve seen them a million times. It was fun to be new and play the new guy. They fed off of each other really well.”

Admittedly, he is “pretty squeamish” in real life. When he went to the lab set he does get a bit grossed out but it was tolerable.

His Roles Before ‘FBI’

The FBI star is known for his role as Agent Stuart Scola, however, he has quite the resume before landing a role on the CBS crime procedural.

His first official featured role was in the 2005 movie The Notorious Bettie Page as Jack. After that, the sky was the limit and he transitioned between film and television.

His first taste of a crime series was two guest appearances in the Law & Order franchise. The first episode aired in 2005 and is entitled “Locomotion.” He played a character named Zach Burns. The episode centers around a man who constructed a failed suicide attempt by driving into a train. He survived but it killed twelve train passengers and injured another 250 people. With twists and turns, the team discovers the truth behind the case and puts him away.

His second appearance was in the 2006 episode “Profiteer.” He played the role of Kenny Ellis. This time, it was a murder case of a high-profile body armor executive. The man was killed at his daughter’s $2 million birthday party. The team later uncovers the truth, that his armor was faulty. This caused the death of a soldier that he was close to. The soldier’s vest did not work and he was killed while serving overseas. He wanted revenge for his friend’s tragic death.