‘FBI’: Why Jeremy Sisto Is Hopeful Show Can Last ‘More Than 20 Years’

by Joe Rutland

FBI star Jeremy Sisto does have some hope that the Dick Wolf-created show can just stay on CBS for a long period of time.

How long?

Let’s see what Sisto, who plays Special Agent-In-Charge Jubal Valentine, says in an interview with CinemaBlend.

“Dick has mentioned to me in the past, ‘Oh, we’re working on a crossover with [FBI and Law & Order:] SVU,'” Sisto says. “But that hasn’t come to fruition yet.

“With the new Law & Order, it’s very exciting,” the FBI star says. “I just talked to Anthony and he’s loving it. And Rick is really excited. So it’s fun. I love that it’s continued on; it gives me hope that [FBI] can go on for more than 20 years.”

Twenty more years for this show? You know, Outsiders, anything is possible in the world of Dick Wolf franchises. And, yes, FBI is one of his franchises along with Law & Order and One Chicago.

These days, Sisto is hanging out with his cast members on Tuesday nights on CBS. Make sure to put that down in your Day-Timer or calendar.

‘FBI’ Star Says He’s ‘Not A Procedural Guy’ Even Though Work Is On One

It’s kind of funny, Outsiders, that when actors say they are not this or that, sometimes they find themselves in situations where they actually are in that moment.

For instance, Sisto is an actor who does not think that he is a procedural guy at all.

Procedural shows are like FBI, for instance. It is focusing on a particular profession, in this case, it is being a federal agent.

What is Sisto actually saying here?

He talks about this and other matters in an interview with Long Island Weekly.

“As a viewer, I’m not a procedural guy just because my brain doesn’t really work like that,” Sisto says. “I kind of have trouble remembering names and stuff, so sometimes I have trouble following the plot for procedural stuff honestly.

“I prefer watching a character just alone in his room thinking for an hour than following a bunch of plots,” he says. “That’s just how my brain works as a viewer.”

But Sisto does understand that some FBI fans that have been watching the show for a long time do see him as part of a procedural show. He will try, though, to take their opinions into account, and here’s what Sisto says right here.

“I really try and listen to the fans and read the comments online,” he says. “I talk to people who do watch this genre and I try to get an idea of what it is that they think.”

Again, Sisto believes he is not dialed in to be a procedural type of actor.