‘FBI’: Why Jeremy Sisto Wanted a Role Like ‘Law & Order’ Star Sam Waterson

by Jonathan Howard

Four seasons into the series and FBI has proved to be another successful Dick Wolf production. Jeremy Sisto remembers joining for a very specific reason. When it comes to getting a role in a show with Wolf, that is something the actor couldn’t pass up.

In an interview with Starry Mag, the actor revealed why he is drawn to working with the legendary executive producer. As one would imagine, it has to do with Law & Order.

“He’s [Dick Wolf] great at what he does. He’s great at creating shows that have a long life. I always wanted the Sam Waterson role – the role that stayed inside and did his stuff inside a set. This is that version of the show. I’m not in the street running down criminals. I’ve got my own world that’s very different than a lawyer.”

When it came down to it, Sisto also chose the role because he thought it was something that he would enjoy. Also, as he mentioned, he wanted that Sam Waterson-type role he had seen on Law & Order. That is a big draw for an actor. He doesn’t have to take any job, but his role in FBI has proven to be what he thought it would be.

“I felt it would be a really fun role. As a fan and someone curious to see how successful franchise(s) are created, I was excited to kind of be around from the beginning of one of his ventures. Fortunately, it’s one that has been successful. So, I’ve gotten to see at a really good vantage point observing how a franchise like this is created.”

Having that insight has to be a big plus for the FBI star. It sounds like Sisto enjoys getting more than just an acting job from his role on the show.

‘FBI’ Star Jeremy Sisto on the Hardest Part of His Role

Jeremy Sisto has played Jubal Valentine on FBI for quite some time. So, he knows the ins and outs of the character. During his talk with Starry Mag, he also discussed the challenges of his character. Portraying a member of the Federal Bureau of Investigation in New York City can’ be an easy job.

One of the biggest challenges is making it feel new and fresh. Making each day and episode exciting can be hard after so many seasons. However, that is a creative challenge that Sisto and the rest of the cast take on.

“It’s one of those things where a lot of the scenes we’re doing feels very similar. They are all connected very different kind of plots and intensities and immediacies,” the FBI actor explained.

However, there is also a challenge with being able to portray the actual FBI in a proper and accurate way.

“And we’re also trying to kind of show how this group of people all working together in this sort of seamless way and that is what the FBI is. It’s supposed to give that feeling,” Sisto explained.