‘FBI’: Why Missy Peregrym Said ‘Nobody Wants’ Show to Be a ‘Horror’

by Megan Molseed

Missy Peregrym has been portraying FBI agent Missy Bell on the hit Dick Wolf series FBI since the popular series premiered in 2018.

And, fans of any Dick Wolf series such as any installation in the Law & Order franchise; the One Chicago shows; or even FBI know that the popular showrunner has a penchant for developing the plots that are “ripped from the headlines.”

This, of course, is part of the draw to the wildly successful producer’s multiple successful programs. People love to connect to the storylines, even if they are sometimes extremely traumatic.

However, one FBI actress has been able to pinpoint a sort of “good-side” to these famous Dick Wolf plotlines.

Missy Peregrym may understand that finding plots within real-life storylines is all part of how Dick Wolf develops his shows.

However, she also credits the showrunner for turning these heartbreaking plotlines into something positive. Wolf’s shows often highlight those heroes in law enforcement who work hard to protect those who need it most.

“Everybody knows the bad stuff already,” the actress explains in a recent Variety interview.

“Everybody sees the headlines and understands the fear and relates to this maybe happening to them or a loved one one day,” Missy Peregrym continues. “Nobody wants to have a show that’s just a horror show the whole episode and we’re like, “Have a great sleep!””

‘FBI’ Actress Likes To Highlight The Hope In The Scary Stories

The FBI actress adds that it’s important for the show’s cast and crew to communicate a sense of security to the audience. Even as the team faces heartbreaking stories each week.

Of course, when she signed up for a Dick Wolf procedural series, the actress knew it would contain some intense storylines.

“I said I’d never do a procedural again,” Peregrym notes. “But I’m doing the most intense procedural — a Dick Wolf procedural.”

The actress goes on to explain that it wasn’t long before she realized that while a Dick Wolf primetime procedural drama certainly explores the dark side of society, the showrunner also allows the stars to be on “the good side” of the heartbreaking storylines.

“We’re dealing in things that cause major fear,” the actress notes.

“But what we’re really all hoping to bring to it is a sense of hope,” the actress explains.”We want to do something that says, “OK yes this is happening, but look at all of these people who are working so hard to protect you.”

Peregrym adds that while it’s important for FBI to highlight the dark side of reality, it is just as important that the show highlights the good.

“That’s the truth about what’s going on in America right now,” the actress explains. “And our intention is to show the reality…and give Americans something to really believe in.”