‘Fixer Upper’ Star Chip Gaines Discusses Launching the Magnolia Network

by Amy Myers

When Chip and Joanna Gaines first began their career on television, they were the adorable yet quirky couple on Fixer Upper that fans couldn’t get enough of. As the show quickly gained popularity, the dynamic duo became a household name and even created a household brand, Magnolia. And pretty soon, they would have their names on a number of platforms, including TV shows, books, home goods products, and now, an entire network.

When Chip and Joanna initially launched Magnolia Network, their dream had come true. Now, they would be able to oversee tons of content that their network provides. They could also branch out from their usual house-flipping lifestyle on Fixer Upper. In particular, Chip Gaines relished the idea of adding “up-and-coming” talent to their network. This includes new chefs and other home professionals that can help teach a few skills while also sharing their experiences.

“We’re thrilled about it,” Gaines told Variety. “That’s been the greatest joy in all this — finding new talent that maybe the world hadn’t heard of yet and reintroducing talent that the world had known, like [chef] Andrew Zimmern, who’s become a dear friend of ours. To see him represent our network and to see some of the new, up-and-coming talent blossoming right in front of our eyes, it’s been really the joy of lifetime.”

Chip and Joana Gaines Couldn’t Wait to Introduce New People and Stories on Magnolia Network

When the Fixer Upper couple first found out about their new network, it was hard to know where to begin. In the end, though, they knew this was the opportunity of a lifetime.

“That’s really the reason that Jo and I were so interested in this opportunity when [Discovery chief] David Zaslav came to Waco years ago and presented us with the possibility of potentially rebranding a network under the Magnolia umbrella,” the Fixer Upper husband explained.

“Our eyes were just like — we were overwhelmed with the possibility of introducing the world to people and stories that we just believed were dying to be told. As we see it starting to come to fruition, it’s the honor of a lifetime.”

Through all of his success, the Fixer Upper star doesn’t believe that the network has an impact on his family. In fact, in an interview with Oprah Winfrey, Gaines was proud to admit that their lives have remained the same.

“I have discovered that fame is just, your life is the same, you’re the same,” Chip Gaines told Winfrey. “And everybody has an idea of what that is, it’s just more people know your name. And I think if you don’t know who you are when the fame thing hits then you lose yourself.”