‘Fixer Upper’ Star Chip Gaines Describes Living Off the Land

by Madison Miller

In between being the star of “Fixer Upper” alongside his wife, Joanna Gaines, Chip Gaines has learned a thing or two about ranch life.

The Gaines family lives on 40 acres of land in Waco, Texas. The two have an absolutely stunning 1,700-square-foot farmhouse. It was a property first built in 1895 that the couple acquired in 2012.

A lot of those 40 acres house their farm animals (about 60 in total).

Chip Gaines Talks Farm Life

Back in January 2019, Chip Gaines sat down for an interview with Cowboys & Indians to talk about the family farm and living off the land. He has to wake up early every morning to get chores done on the farm.

Although he works on the farm, Gaines doesn’t consider himself a cowboy, nor does he really “live off the land.” Instead, he enjoys the experience, but knows he’s not as dependent on the output of the farm as other ranchers are.

“I mean, look, I love living out on the farm. We’ve got 40 acres, we’ve got cows, and I certainly dabble in it … Do I love the cowboy lifestyle? Absolutely. Do I admire it? Do I long to be more like that? The answer is yes to all those things, but when I think about those cowboys that literally put food on the table because of that business, that lifestyle they’re actually submerged in, I get a little weak in the knees,” Chip Gaines said in the interview.

Gaines said what he does is still satisfying due to the “essence of hard work.” He said that the animals kind of have a way of creating an equal playing ground for all workers. In addition to the hard work of it all, Gaines loves farm life because of the tranquility of it all.

“It’s that time for me to clear my thoughts. I’m a guy of faith, so I like to spend time with God out in those environments. It’s just sort of my comfort zone, if you will. And so, you know, for me it’s exactly that,” he also said.

Gaines also has an obsession with bringing home new pets and animals for the farm.

Chip Gaines Birthday

Chip Gaines is turning 47 today and Joanna Gaines posted a sweet Instagram post dedicated to her husband.

“You make life better for all of us. Happy Birthday to the very best,” Joanna wrote on the post. The two are holding hands as they walk through their gorgeous ranch together.

Other celebrities like Sophia Bush, Willie Geist, Chely Wright, and Emmanuel Acho all wished the “Fixer Upper” star a happy birthday as well. Chip Gaines likely spent the day with his five kids and many animals.