‘Fixer Upper’ Star Joanna Gaines Celebrates Sister’s ‘Dream’ Coming True: ‘Moments I Live For’

by Shelby Scott

Joanna Gaines has made her mark in contemporary pop culture through her hit show “Fixer Upper.” She’s additionally sparked interest in her show and her socials through her own line of Magnolia goods. However, she’s also known across social media as a dedicated family woman. In her Instagram posts, that value frequently shines forth. Joanna Gaines most popularly highlights time spent with her immediate family. Although today, she sweetly sent a shout out her sister’s way.

In her recent post, Joanna Gaines expressed pride in her baby sister after the latter opened her own plant shop. “[T]here’s nothing like watching your baby sister’s dream come to life,” the “Fixer Upper” star wrote. “So proud of you sweet Mikey.”

Much like Joanna Gaines’ own line of home goods, her sister’s brand new plant shop debuts a collection of similar values. These include simplicity as to design and muted colors overall. Everything from the pots to the plants to the store’s sign features a very neutral mint green hue. Meanwhile, the shapes and style relay a decorative kind of simplicity.

The collection of the posts, aside from highlighting Gaines’ sister’s feat, puts the women’s relationship on display. The photos genuinely express both Joanna’s pride and her sister’s contentment at the opening of the brand new shop.

Joanna Gaines Sponsors Meaningful Entrepreneurial Dreams

Throughout the course of Joanna Gaines’ 18 years with her brand Magnolia, she’s continuously encouraged her fans and followers to follow their own dreams and passions. Recently, the savvy businesswoman has made major contributions to two individual organizations’ efforts, donating a generous $50,000 each.

In her efforts, she hopes to see the growth of these two organizations’ in publicity and success overall. She highlighted the winning organizations in a congratulatory Instagram post earlier last week.

Both organizations were definitely deserving of the donations. The first, entitled “Play Maysie” makes easily portable doll houses for foster children as they shift between homes. As so many things are temporary for our country’s foster youth, the doll houses aim to serve as something permanent along their journeys. With the generous donation, Kayla hopes to grow the breadth of her company, make more product, and improve her website.

The second organization, entitled Fresh Houwse, places a push on fresh, healthy food in the food barn area of Sunnyside, Houston. The driving pair behind the organization has big plans ahead as, in Joanna Gaines’ post, they hope to upstart a juice bar, coffee shop, and grocery store to name a few. With $50,000 at their side to kickstart these incredibly philanthropic organizations, we hope to see their success reach the heights Magnolia has over the last 18 years.