‘Fixer Upper’ Star Joanna Gaines Looks Back on Launching Career 18 Years Ago Today With Awesome Throwback

by Taylor Cunningham

Joanna Gaines opened her first store, Magnolia, 18 years ago today. The business was the Fixer Upper host’s original dream, and she has fond memories of the venture that launched her stardom. Because of that, she wants to help a stranger follow their passions. So to commemorate Magnolia’s anniversary, she and her husband will give one lucky winner $50K in seed money for their own business.

This morning, Joanna posted an awesome throwback picture from inside her first home goods store. In the photo, we see a baby-faced Joanna, who is all smiles, posing with her husband Chip Gaines.

The decorating guru wrote that she “woke up this morning with butterflies” in her stomach. And she feels that same blissful nostalgia “every October 15th.” Joanna still remembers all the sights and sounds of that little shop. And we can all thank her husband for supporting Joanna’s passions because without him, who knows if we’d even know how amazing shiplap can be.

“Chip had pushed me to take a chance on something I believed in—so win or lose,” she added. “I already knew I’d never be the same.”

And she was certain that opening day was going to lead to something great, which it truly did.

“I’ve said this before, but I truly believe that dreams beget dreams and that sometimes all you need is someone to believe in yours or a little momentum to keep you moving in the right direction,” she continued.

‘Fixer Upper’ Star Wants to Help Someone Live Their Dream with $50K

Joanna Gaines is happy when other people are happy. She has always been a kind person who genuinely wants everyone around her to be as successful as she is. And because of that, she is going to help a stranger open whatever venture calls to their heart.

“When I woke up this morning and that familiar feeling hit me—I was sure that there was no better day than this one to move someone else’s dream forward,” she wrote on Instagram. “So here’s what I’m thinking—I want to give $50k to help someone do just that.”

If any Outsiders are interested, you better hurry. Joanna is closing the contest tonight. All you need to do is put a pen to paper and let your mind flow. Joanna wants to read your business plan, and she wants to know why you’re passionate about it. And don’t forget to read all of the terms and conditions!

“If you have a business idea you’ve been dreaming about, or plans you’ve been working toward and all you need is a little help getting it off the ground, you have until 11:59 pm CT tonight to submit your idea to me at the link in profile!” she continued. “I can’t wait to see what dreams you’re ready to chase after.”