‘Fixer Upper’ Star Joanna Gaines ‘Woke Up Inspired’ to Make These Incredible Christmas Decorations

by Taylor Cunningham

Fixer Upper star Joanna Gaines is ready for the holidays. And she’s sharing some DIY Christmas decorations on social media.

We may be nearly three weeks away from Thanksgiving, but Joanna Gaines is already ready for Christmas—and who isn’t? On Friday night, the mother of five filled her Texas farmhouse with tasteful holiday decor with the help of her youngest son, Crew. And she noted that the chilly fall weather was reason enough to deck the halls early this year.

And yesterday morning, the reality star woke up to see her festive family home in the light of day, which fueled her creative genius. With a little inspiration from her holiday feels, she made some adorable wreaths and showcased them on Instagram.

“Woke up inspired to make miniature Fall wreaths and put up a Christmas tree,” Joanna captioned. “‘Tis the Season y’all.”

Apparently, one Christmas tree wasn’t enough for the Gaines household, and we agree. So, she added a second, much bigger spruce to her living room. And since she’s the queen of design, Joanna crafted her own ornaments.

In a series of two photos, Joanna Gaines showcases her work. In the first pic, we see tiny wreaths made of twigs and dried flowers. The miniature ornaments are small enough to fit in the palm of her hand.

Then in the second snapshot, Joanna gives us a look at her cozy living room. Right beside her beautiful brick fireplace, Joanna placed a giant Christmas tree. The pine is adorned with gold and cream-colored lights and decorations. And she topped it off with her brand new handmade wreaths.

Why ‘Fixer Upper’ Stars Chip and Joanna Gaines Weren’t Prepared for Fame That Came with Success

When Fixer Upper Stars Chip and Joanna Gaines began their HGTV design series, they weren’t prepared for the fame that would follow.

From the day that Fixer Upper debuted, audiences were obsessed with Chip’s renovation skills and Joanna’s eye for design. The couple became an international hit, and everyone loved following their series and their personal lives.

The couple had a quirky and loving on-screen demeanor, and for some reason, that intrigued fans. So the Gaines’s marriage became a topic of headlines for years. And at one point, the tabloids decided to spice things up by spreading rumors about an impending divorce. And in an interview with TODAY, Chip admitted that he never expected that kind of attention.

“It’s funny; I mean, when I think about these circumstances,” he said. “I think they’re hilarious. I’m like, ‘I can’t believe that these things are happening to us.’ I mean, who would care about that?”

And Joanna added that some people will actually approach her on the street and ask her if she and Chip are splitting. And she has to kindly explain that they’re not.

“We do our due diligence in letting people know, as much as we can, this isn’t us,” she explained. “Don’t be scammed.”