Florida Artist Creates Betty White Portrait Using Lipstick

by Liz Holland

One Florida artist is honoring Betty White in a fabulously unique way. Alexis Fraser, aka “Lipsticklex,” created a portrait of the late star using lipstick as her only medium. The artist is known for creating art with lipstick, and it’s pretty impressive. Fraser decided to auction her portrait of White on what would have been the late star’s 100th birthday. Additionally, she made the decision to donate proceeds to a local animal shelter. 

“My art is made unconventionally as I create with lipstick and my kisses,” Fraser said in a release. “I create with a feminine product to promote beauty and self-expression, while adorning my works with sprinkled in kisses to promote love, affection, and adoration. Betty was an unconventional woman of her time and it felt fitting to honor that by creating her young sassy self with lipstick and my kisses!”

Plans For Betty White Birthday Portrait Shifted After Her Death

The artist’s original plan was to create the portrait to honor Betty White’s 100th birthday. However, when the star passed away on December 31st, plans shifted. Coincidentally, Fraser’s aunt passed away the same day as White. In a post detailing the auction on Instagram, Fraser explains that her aunt also had a huge heart for animals just like the late comedian. 

“Coincidentally, our family’s beloved Aunt Claudia unexpectedly passed on the same day as Betty. She too never had children but found comfort and joy in animals (dogs in particular) and was an advocate for bettering their lives,” she writes. “It was also her desire that folks donate to their local shelters in lieu of flowers and gifts… So let’s do these ladies proud, celebrate life and donate today!”

The artist clarified that 100% of all proceeds from the painting will go directly to Tampa Bay’s Humane Society. Additionally, she credited It Cosmetics and NYX Cosmetics as the animal cruelty-free lipsticks she used for the art piece. 

Alexis Fraser is Happy to Help

“I, just like every other red-blooded American, have always had a sweet spot in my heart for Betty White,” Fraser said. “Her spunk, quick wit, wise words, and heart of gold were the perfect ingredients for what the world needs more of right now. I’m just so happy to connect with an organization making such a great impact in our region right now.”

Fraser recreated a 1950s shot of the star using mauves, deep magentas, and crimson shades. In the portrait, White is wearing a red and white striped blouse and beautiful pearls around her neck. 

At the time of writing, The Humane Society of Tampa Bay has received over $38,000 in donations from more than 1,300 people as a result of the fundraiser. The custom piece is on display on the walls of The Humane Society. It will serve as a reminder to everyone who comes through those doors how much Betty White loved animals and supported their rights.