Former ‘Chicago Fire’ and ‘Law & Order: LA’ Stars Join New Dick Wolf Show

by Madison Miller

As if TV mastermind Dick Wolf didn’t have enough shows to show for on his resume, he’s got another project in the works.

Wolf is working on a brand new podcast thriller called “Dark Woods.” The show will focus on the death of a volunteer that was working in the California Redwood Forest. The new scripted show will star Corey Stoll, Monica Raymund, and Reid Scott.

‘Chicago Fire’ and ‘Law & Order: LA’ Stars

The show is actually a scripted podcast series. This is Wolf’s second foray into that area of content creation. He previously launched “Hunted,” which starred Parker Posey and Brandon Scott back in 2019.

As for “Dark Woods,” Dick Wolf is bringing in reinforcements from other parts of his Wolf Entertainment world.

Corey Stoll played Detective Tomas Jaruszalski in “Law & Order: LA.” This was the fifth series of the “Law & Order” franchise, but it was canceled after only one season. On the show, Stoll’s character was partnered with Rex Winters and then later with Ricardo Morales.

As for other roles, Stoll is also known for playing Congressman Peter Russo on the Netflix show “House of Cards,” from which he received a Golden Globe nomination. Some of his other appearances include “The Strain,” “Billions,” and in the popular Marvel movie “Ant-Man.”

The other actor that comes from the Dick Wolf universe is Monica Raymund. She played Gabriela Dawson Casey in “Chicago Fire.” This series has been on since 2012 and is currently on season 10. She was the Paramedic in Charge of Ambulance 61, but later becomes a certified firefighter and joins Truck 81. Her character left the series to head a rescue-and-relief unit in Puerto Rico.

Some of Raymund’s other work includes “Lie to Me,” “The Good Wife,” and “Hightown.”

‘Dark Woods’ Dick Wolf Project

“Dark Woods” will air on November 8. According to Deadline, the show will bring ex-spouses, a game warden, and a councilwoman to the scene of this crime. As the series develops, the group will learn about the terrifying things going on in the state park. It all ties back to marijuana grow sites as well as a criminal organization.

The show was recorded remotely with different actors in different locations. Given the fact that it’s a podcast and not a show, the creators want it to be as immersive as possible. “The goal was to make this as an immersive experience as possible and to make it feel as real life as possible. The actual sound design is largely recorded sounds in the forest. When you hear a coffee mug being picked up, it’s an actual coffee mug,” Elliot Wolf told the publication.

Even further, the podcast series could have the potential to become a TV show if it is successful enough.