Former ‘The Talk’ Host Expecting First Child

by Samantha Whidden

Amazing news from ​Elaine Welteroth! The former The Talk co-host announced she’s expecting her first child with husband Jonathan Singletary.

During a recent interview with People, the former The Talk co-host confirmed the news and stated she’s excited to finally share the big news with friends and the extended community. “I’m just excited to learn more about what this new life is here to teach us. I’m already learning so much from this experience. We are both excited to experience new levels of love.”

Welteroth also told the media outlet that she and her husband always knew that one day they would-be parents. “But no one talks about what it’s like when that one day becomes today,” The Talk former star explained. She then noted that even with a husband, house, and career, she’s still not feeling quite ready or adult enough to be somebody’s mother.

“But there’s nothing that compares to the blessing of the moment you learn that little heartbeat. It changes everything,” Welteroth added. “You just surrender to God’s plan and divine timing.”

Elaine Welteroth’s Baby News Comes Just a Little Over a Month After She Departed From ‘The Talk’

The exciting news about Elaine Welteroth’s first child comes just a little over a month after she announced her departure from CBS’ hit daytime talk show, The Talk. Welteroth was on the talk show for one season.

In her The Talk departure post on Instagram, Welteroth said she joined the talk show because she was excited to break out of her own echo chamber. She also wanted to join a cast in helping to “bridge some of the divides” in the world through both conversation and empathy. “While that work will never stop, as I always say: when the music changes, so must your dance!”

“I’m moving into a new chapter and won’t be back next season,” Welteroth wrote. “But I will miss my talented co-hosts and crew and our daily #glamfam dance parties in the dressing room so much. Thank you all for riding with me through this journey.”

Welteroth is currently preparing for the upcoming season of Project Runway. She is returning as a judge on the show. During a 2020 interview with Parade, Welteroth stated that she thinks it’s cool to transform the legacy brand of Project Runway into something that feels more relevant. “It has just been such a fun die. I’ve fallen in love with the designers, every time. Without fail.”

She went on to add, “We all had a say and had input. It felt like there was no reason to continue on with a legacy brand like Project Runway if it wasn’t going to really reflect what’s happening in the world right now and if it wasn’t going to be inclusive.”

Project Runway is set to return this Thursday (October 14th).