‘Frasier’: Has the Reboot Been Delayed?

by Megan Molseed

Last summer, Frasier star Kelsey Grammer hinted that fans could expect to see the premiere of an upcoming reboot of the award-winning series in early 2022.

However, we are now in the final stretch of 2021, and the much-anticipated reboot hasn’t yet even begun filming.

This is certainly a definite bummer for fans of the hit series who were excited about this reboot announcement. And, of course, this leads to many questions regarding what fans can expect as far as the reboot’s timeline goes.

Thankfully, however, according to reports, this Frasier reboot project is still in development. Despite the obvious delays.

‘Frasier’ Reboot Has Some Big Shoes To Fill

Reboots in general aren’t an easy task to pull off. Even as television viewers are seeing many pop up on a variety of streaming services.

So, it stands to reason that rebooting a series as memorable and popular as the hit NBC sitcom certainly becomes a challenging task.

Showrunners want to bring something new to the beloved series while still maintaining the pieces of the series that fans loved so much.

The project’s storyline and cast members are still being determined; according to recent updates from Grammer.

Previously, Frasier star David Hyde Pierce said he had no intention of reprising his role as Frasier’s neurotic psychiatrist brother, Niles.

The former Frasier star has been vocal about his stance against a revival of the series altogether.

However, this was before the much-anticipated reboot received an official green light from the studios.

Making Headway

Kelsey Grammer says he is pleased with the advancements of the upcoming reboot. Despite the roadblocks, the Frasier showrunners are encountering.

However, the Frasier star has made similar statements in the past regarding potential Frasier reboots.

Kelsey Grammer first debuted his iconic Frasier Crane character in the third season premiere of the NBC sitcom Cheers.

In this series, Frasier quickly became a fan favorite and the character. He remained on the iconic television series until its end in 1993.

Shortly after this, the Cheers spin-off series premiered.

This series found Frasier returning to his hometown of Seattle after living in Boston for a number of years.

Fans of the series met members of the character’s extended family and circle in the premiere of the new series.

Among the cast are Frasier’s brother Niles (David Hyde Pierce); and their blue-collar Marty, a former detective played by John Mahoney.

During its run, Frasier found ground-breaking success. The critically acclaimed series was regularly scoring high in the ratings and brought home a total of 37 Primetime Emmy Awards.