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‘Frasier’ Star David Hyde Pierce Revealed His Favorite Episode

by Jennifer Shea
Bruce Glikas/Getty Images

The beloved TV show Frasier, which ran from 1993 to 2004, featured some classic episodes. There was “The Matchmaker,” in which Frasier Crane (Kelsey Grammer) tries to set up his new radio station manager with Daphne (Jane Leeves). Frasier eventually realizes the manager is gay and thinks Frasier is coming on to him. There was “Ham Radio,” in which Frasier has to direct a murder mystery radio drama for his station. He quickly goes power mad and drives the other participants away.

And then there was “First Date,” a Season 5 episode in which Niles Crane (David Hyde Pierce) tries to ask out Daphne and instead winds up telling her he’s in love with a neighbor and needs her help cooking dinner for a date that doesn’t actually exist.

As Pierce revealed in the 1999 TV special “My Favorite Frasier,” the latter episode was his favorite of all time. It features a charming little duet between Leeves and Pierce, which you can watch here:

How’s That Frasier Reboot Coming Along?

There is talk of a Frasier reboot, which is supposedly slated to stream on Paramount+ sometime this year. Little has been revealed about the show’s cast or plot, but in a November interview, Grammer hinted that things are moving forward and the show is still in the idea phase of the development process.

“We are kicking it around. We have a couple of ideas and we’re pretty happy with where we are right now,” Grammer, who spent part of his childhood in New Jersey, told NJ.com. “We’re not so sure if everybody’s coming back, but I know there’s a third act for Frasier. Certainly, he’s got a lot of things to still explore.”

Pierce has previously said he’s not interested in joining the reboot, but perhaps Grammer and company will be able to change his mind. In the meantime, Frasier fans will be at the edge of their seats waiting to find out if the reboot will in fact come to fruition.

Some Stars Can’t Come Back for Reboot

One star of FrasierJohn Mahoney, who played Martin, Frasier’s dad – will not be coming back for the reboot because he can’t. Mahoney passed away in February 2018.

The actor found his way to professional acting rather late in life, but it was his only true love, according to Mahoney himself.

“The theater is my brothers, my sisters, my father, my mother, my wife,” he once said, per People. “It is everything to me.”

During his time on Frasier, Mahoney garnered two Emmy nominations and two Golden Globe nominations for his portrayal of Martin Crane. He loved show business, but he lived and died in Illinois, where he made his home in Oak Park.

“It is quiet here,” Mahoney once said. “I get bored out of my mind in L.A. It’s such an industry town. Here I have old friends who aren’t in the business. I can walk to all sorts of good places where the waiters and waitresses don’t want me to read their screenplays.”

Mahoney died of complications from throat cancer. He was 77.