‘Frasier’ Star Kelsey Grammer Once Revealed His Favorite Episode of the Series

by Joe Rutland
(Photo by Gabe Ginsberg/Getty Images)

With so many great episodes to choose from in the series, what would Kelsey Grammer’s favorite one be from his sitcom, Frasier?

Grammer, who obviously played the lead role on the show as well as on Cheers, too, revealed this answer on a TV special titled My Favorite ‘Frasier.’ It’s part of an article from ScreenRant.

Ready? The actor chose one from Season 4 titled Our Father Whose Art Ain’t Heaven.

Martin, played by the late John Mahoney, tried doing something nice for Frasier by purchasing a painting. Well, Frasier hates it. Niles, played by David Hyde Pierce, has a dinner party planned, but his ex-wife Maris is stealing his guests.

‘Frasier’ Episode Starts With Three Crane Men Sharing Time at Dinner

This sabotages Niles’ plans and sends him into a typical Niles tizzy when things go wrong.

So, this Frasier episode has Martin, Niles, and Frasier going out to dinner. Martin starts feeling sorry for himself and guilty about Frasier and Niles paying for him. But he hears Frasier pretending to like a painting featuring a matador and a bull at the restaurant.

Martin goes and buys it in secret. This Frasier episode ends as Frasier tells Martin he does not like the painting one bit.

Martin Feels Bad About Painting, But Son Points Out What Mattered More

The news hurts Martin because he thought that, after 40 years, he and Frasier’s tastes were finally aligned. This episode is filled with great gags. Yet it takes a step toward looking at a complex-but-loving relationship between Martin and Frasier.

But the son tells the father that the greatest gift Martin ever gave him involved telling him off when he was a boy. Frasier remembers a time where he was playing with Martin’s badge. Dad, who was a police officer, told the young boy that it’s not a toy but a symbol of helping people.

It leads Frasier Crane to pursue a career as a psychiatrist that would let him help others in his own way. A sweet, loving connection between father and son. Yes, there is a comedic payoff at the end.

Right now, there is a reboot being worked on by Kelsey Grammer himself. Will it return to TV at some point? That’s always the plan if a show is being worked on during a season. With this TV show and its great history, it would look to be a grand slam for its fans.

Yet the show’s star is taking control of how this reboot will appear. We don’t have any firm idea that his old castmates are going to have spots. Everyone who loved the show and these characters will just have to wait and see what happens.