‘Frasier’ Star Kelsey Grammer Revealed His Favorite Episode

by Allison Hambrick
(Photo By Getty Images)

Frasier actor Kelsey Grammer declared which episode of the hit sitcom was his favorite. With 264 episodes, that’s a big statement.

The Cheers spinoff starred Grammer, John Mahoney, David Hyde Pierce, Jane Leeves, and Peri Gilpin. It aired from 1993 to 2004, ultimately lasting as long as Cheers. Frasier received universal acclaim, and it won 37 Primetime Emmy Awards, nine more than its parent series. Both Grammer and Pierce won four. The latter was nominated every year the show was on the air.

So how would one pick a favorite episode of such an iconic show? TV Guide included “The Matchmaker” on its list of 100 Greatest Episodes of All Time. IMDB lists the top-rated episode as “The Ski Lodge,” with a 9.6 rating out of 10. For Grammer, however, the episode that stands out is “Our Father Whose Art Ain’t Heaven.”

The season four episode sees Martin, Frasier’s father, attempting to please him by buying a painting. Unfortunately, Frasier hates the art and tries to avoid hurting his feelings. The subplot sees Niles, Frasier’s brother, throwing a dinner party only to be sabotaged by his ex-wife, Maris. When Frasier comes clean about the painting, Martin is understandably hurt. For the first time, he thought his and his son’s tastes were aligned.

While the episode had some of the usual Frasier gags, it also had a lot of heart. The root of the story came from the complex dynamic between Martin and Frasier. Despite being father and son, they are polar opposites. Much of the humor from the series comes from their differences. Martin enjoys the simplicity. His interests include his dog, a beer, and a well-worn recliner. Frasier, on the other hand, loves opera, art, and anything exclusive with a high price tag. While the series is a comedy, the family storylines often hit on strong emotions.

What to Know About the Frasier Reboot

Grammer previously announced that Frasier will be the next series to join the reboot trend. Over on Paramount+, the radio psychologist will return at some point in the near future. However, the details regarding this reboot are sparse. For example, the only confirmed cast member is Grammer himself.

Additionally, Mahoney passed away in 2018. So if the series does return with the rest of the cast, it’ll still be missing one of the key players in the show’s success. Worth noting is that in 2017, Pierce indicated that he had no intention of returning to a reboot of the series. While that was before the reboot was announced, it doesn’t bode well for the chances of seeing Niles return.

The original series ended with Niles married to another main character, Daphne. She had been the caretaker for Martin for many years, and the two had a slow burn romance that started with Niles crushing on Daphne hard. If Niles doesn’t return, it is hard to imagine Daphne would.

The only character other than Frasier who is likely to return is his radio producer, Roz. The character’s actress, Gilpin, responded positively when asked about the revival. So even if we don’t see the entire cast back, it’s possible we’ll get to see some of that classic banter between Frasier and Roz.