‘Frasier’ Star Trevor Einhorn Expresses Interest in Reprising Role as Frasier’s Son

by Michael Freeman

Playing Frasier’s son in the show when he was eight years old, Trevor Einhorn has kept busy since then. Nonetheless, after learning about the Frasier revival, he has seemingly expressed interest in reprising his role.

Though no official casting information has been released, Trevor Einhorn seems fond of coming back as Frasier’s son. He hasn’t explicitly reached out to appear in the revival, but he did retweet a post asking for the show to bring him back as Frederick.

“bring back @TrevEinhorn as Frederick or GTFOMF,” the user stated after hearing about the Frasier revival.

Trevor Einhorn played Frederick, Frasier’s son from his marriage to Lilith. He made his first appearance in 1996 at the young age of 8 and appeared in other episodes from then on. Staying on the show until the final season in 2003, we often saw Frasier trying to connect with his son and grow close. Being the sitcom it was, things often didn’t quite go according to plan.

Then again, according to Best Life, Einhorn has seemingly had his hands full in the last few years, so he may be unavailable. For instance, he’s appeared in other comedies like Arrested Development and The Office. He also played John Mathis in Mad Men back in 2014. His biggest role as of late is Josh Hoberman on Syfy’s fantasy show The Magicians, which wrapped up last year.

In July this year, Trevor Einhorn and his Magicians co-star Jason Ralph produced and starred in an Off-Broadway play called The Great Filter. The two continue to work together on plays, as well as creating merchandise, so he has his hands full, to say the least.

Nonetheless, he seems interested in reprising his role as Frasier’s son, so we’ll have to see.

Has the ‘Frasier’ Reboot Been Delayed?

Though people seem excited for the Frasier revival, especially Kelsey Grammer himself, we’ve heard little news of it in 2021. Considering the series has yet to begin filming, is it possible it’s been delayed?

Screenrant seems to be concerned too, noting the radio silence about the show and some of Grammer’s comments regarding it. Though Grammer has noted being happy about the show’s status, we still don’t have a solid release date. He noted hoping to see the show in early 2022.

However, we’re in 2022 now and still only have vague updates to go by. Further, Grammer said the writers are still working on the story and he is “unsure” which case members are willing to return. Grammer said something similar in early 2021, suggesting not much progress has been made since then.

Regardless, the Frasier revival still exists, it just doesn’t appear the projected 2022 date is feasible. Though producers haven’t released an official statement about a delay, it doesn’t look good.