‘Frasier’: What His TV Son Trevor Einhorn Did After the Show Ended

by Michael Freeman

During Frasier’s tenure, Trevor Einhorn played Frasier Crane’s son, Frederick. However, that was far from his only role and he’s been busy since then.

Trevor Einhorn played Frederick, Frasier, and Lilith’s son on the show. His first appearance was in 1996 and he continued appearing occasionally until the show ended in 2003. Nonetheless, that’s far from his only notable role. Since then, he’s appeared in other comedies, sitcoms, shows, and even Off-Broadway plays, according to Best Life.

After his time on Frasier concluded, Einhorn appeared in other comedies like Arrested Development and The Office. Additionally, he played John Mathis in the 13-episode arc of Mad Men back in 2014. If you’re a fantasy show fan though, his most memorable role is likely that of Josh Hoberman on Syfy’s The Magicians, which ended last year.

Einhorn is especially fond of the latter role, noting the show’s musical episode was one of his favorites. “I’ve never done any dance stuff like that before in my life and they just helped me,” he explained to E! News. “We had a two-day rehearsal process, and at the end of the two days, it was really like a party on set. So for me, it was a blessing because I think it came out pretty well. I was pretty happy with it.”

This may have been what prompted him and Magicians co-star Jason Ralph to produce and star in an Off-Broadway play called The Great Filter. In it, the two play astronauts who are in lockdown in space. Though Einhorn said Off-Broadway “was really hit hard,” he remains enthusiastic about it and working with Ralph in future endeavors.

Naturally, there’s always the possibility of him reprising his role of Frederick in the Frasier revival, though that’s an unknown right now.

Trevor Einhorn May be Interested in Returning to his Role as Frasier’s Son

Though specific details about the Frasier revival are still scarce, many of us are hoping much of the original cast comes back. Though he hasn’t explicitly stated he wants to return, Trevor Einhorn seemingly is interested in reprising his role as Frederick.

Kelsey Grammer hasn’t stated specifics about who will be reprising their roles for the revival, but many cast members have said they’d love to return. Einhorn hasn’t voiced his desires one way or the other. Interestingly enough though, back when it was announced in February 2021, he retweeted something demanding Einhorn come back.

“bring back @TrevEinhorn as Frederick or GTFOMF,” the tweet bluntly reads.”

Searching on Twitter about Einhorn reprising his role reveals similar sentiments. Many on the platform say they’d love to see an adult Frederick. Grammer started a few years ago the revival would focus on his character’s “connection with his son,” so Einhorn seems like an obvious choice.

Regardless, Einhorn is obviously staying busy, so we’ll have to see if he even would have the time.