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‘Frasier’: What Star David Hyde Pierce Has Been Up To Since the Series Ended

by Chase Thomas
(Photo by Dimitrios Kambouris/WireImage)

The “Cheers” spinoff “Frasier” was a big-time hit on the network for a variety of reasons. One of the biggest was how strong the chemistry was on the show based out of Seattle. Niles and Frasier, the two brothers on the program had fantastic back-and-forths that fans loved watching at home. However, after a decade-plus run, the show ended. Here is what star David Hyde Pierce has been up to since the series ended.

Hyde Pierce has continued on in his acting career. He starred on “The Good Wife” for a brief amount of time. Along with that, he continued to do voiceover work for “The Simpsons” for over a decade as well.

David Hyde Pierce on “Frasier”

The hit show “Frasier” worked for a variety of reasons.

Hyde Pierce told Vulture, “It was bliss. That’s the word I would use. It was 11 years, we had the best time, we had the best writers. We were a good cast, but it has to be good writing to all these years later see it and have it not be dated. It’s funny, it feels like a more significant part of my life to you, because it is the most public part of my life. And it’s a very important part of my life, but in terms of my performing career, it’s about a third of my life.”

He enjoyed his time starring on the show. It was successful and it ran for over a decade. Most shows do not last as long as that particular program did. The show still holds up today. Like “Seinfeld”, it was the cast that made it hold up for this long. The cast is what made everyone fall in love with the show along with the brilliant writing.

He continued, “I spent about 12 years in New York doing theater and I did about 11 years on Frasier and it’s been ten years, at least, that I’ve been back in New York doing theater. So there’s no question that in terms of public persona, Frasier was the highest level, and it’s a time I cherish, but it is in the context of a larger arc of working on amazing projects with amazing people.”

It was the highest level of fame he got during that time. Hyde Pierce added a story about his uncomfortable with fame saying, “Completely uncomfortable. It was something I had never encountered in 12, 13 years in the business as an actor in New York in the theater. It’s not something I’d ever been interested in or sought out.” However, the show blew up and he became a very famous name in the industry. You can watch “Frasier” today on “Hulu”.