‘Fresh Prince of Bel-Air’ Star Janet Hubert Reveals She Was Hospitalized

by Michael Freeman

Janet Hubert is best known for her notable role as Aunt Vivian (aunt Viv) on Fresh Prince of Bel-Air. Though she’s drawn back from the spotlight more in recent years, she does keep fans and those interested updated via social media. Unfortunately, this included telling the world she was recently hospitalized.

Pop Culture provided the details, with the news actually originating from a since-deleted December 4 Instagram post. In it, Hubert talks about burying the hatchet with former costar Will Smith. Though the message itself is heartwarming and tells people not to dwell in anger, the ending puzzled fans. “Life is too short as I am in hospital as I write this to all of you.”

It appears she deleted that post because of the coverage it received. On December 7, she provided an updated post, calling out the press and updating followers she is back home and in good health.

“Wow… the press and some of y’all are ready like Vultures to circle the body…well this body will reach up and grab your asses and have you for dinner,” the post reads. “I am home and my health is my business kay. to the many of you who helped me feel better with your well wishes…❤ THANK YOU! Positively heals, negatively kills. LIVE YO LIFE, I’M LIVING MINE. #nowrunandtelldat.”

This post comes off the heels of her appearing on the Fresh Prince of Bel-Air reunion. There, Smith and Hubert had a heart-to-heart about the feud between them and really seemed to reach an understanding.

Regardless, it’s good to see she’s doing well.

Will Smith Jokes Dwayne Johnson is ‘Avoiding Him’ for a Buddy Comedy

Janet Hubert and Will Smith starred together in Fresh Prince of Bel-Air for three seasons. On the subject of costars, Will Smith is hoping to have Dwayne Johnson as his in a buddy comedy, but The Rock keeps “avoiding him.”

Appearing on GQ’s Actually Me a few months ago, Will Smith went undercover on the Internet and fielded questions from all over. One of the tweets came from a user in July stating “How have The Rock and Will Smith not made a buddy movie yet?” It’s a great question and that apparently confuses Smith as well.

“That’s – that’s my question,” Smith responded. “That’s my question. He’s avoiding me. I might have to do an old-school smackdown, walk up on him. I don’t know, I would love to work with The Rock. He’s a beast.”

It should be noted his demeanor is lighthearted, so it may not be best to take it too seriously. It’s likely the two actors are simply incredibly busy.

It’s certainly an interesting combo and considering Johnson recently did a buddy movie with Ryan Reynolds with Red Notice, it could work.

It did become Netflix’s most-watched movie ever, just throwing that out there.