‘Full House’: Here’s Why the Show Decided to Kill Off One Character

by Matthew Memrick

One “Full House” character was crucial to the show’s plot but only appeared in one episode.

The show about three house dads depended on Pam Tanner, who died at the hands of a drunken driver even before the show’s premiere episode on Sept. 22, 1987. Christie Houser appeared in a home video in the second season, but that was it.

Screen Rant picked up on the show’s main plot where a large, blended family tried to make due despite having a matronly figure for eight episodes.

A dad (Bob Saget) tries to raise three daughters with the girls’ uncle (John Stamos) and Danny’s dear friend (Dave Coulier). The family grows as they try to make it through all of life’s turns and twists through those seasons.

Despite the dark background, show creator Jeff Franklin knew that the show needed Pam’s absence in the multi-parent dynamic. But nobody ever really thinks about when thinking about the show. 

‘Full House’ Stars Clashed In Beginning

According to Stamos, he had a rough time with Bob Saget at first during “Full House.”

But over time, the two buddies grew on each other. Stamos admitted to The New York Times that he came from a soap opera/dramatic background while Saget was a comedian.

Stamos told Yahoo! that “our styles completely clashed.” The 58-year-old actor said Saget was out to make people laugh. 

Saget, according to Stamos, could be “painfully distracting — disruptive — because you’re here, let’s get this scene, let’s find out what works, what doesn’t.”

The Uncle Jesse actor saw Saget’s comedic style and felt it was a “detriment sometimes to him.” But over the show’s eight initial seasons, the men jelled in their acting ways.

Stamos said they “met in the middle,” and their real friendship began the Stamos’s dad died in 2011.  

By the final episode, Stamos remembered getting hugs and a kiss from Saget. He said he didn’t think he needed his friend in his life. But his dad died, and Saget stepped up and “took care of me.” 

That came when Saget even offered to host the actor’s dad’s funeral. Stamos said Saget “gave people what they needed at that moment. Everybody needed a laugh, and he did it.”

Stamos’s admiration showed as he called Saget “the most egotistical humble guy on the planet” and the “most insecure person I’ve met in my life,” noting he got him to start going to therapy. 

‘Full House’ Mom Went On To Other Show Success

Before the family show, Christie Houser had minor roles in “L.A. Law,” “Knight Rider,” “Spenser: For Hire,” and “St. Elsewhere.”

She went on to additional movie roles with Disney video games. Her last appearance was in “Kingdom Hearts II: Final Mix+.”