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‘Full House’ Star Candace Cameron Bure Reveals Hollywood Star That Inspired Her Early in Career

by Kati Michelle
(Photo by Kevork Djansezian/Getty Images)

If you grew up watching classic TV and family sitcoms, it was kind of like having an onscreen mentor every week. From “The Brady Bunch” to “Full House,” we laughed and we cried as they dropped some knowledge bombs between all the hilarious familial dysfunction. But what about the actors (Candace Cameron Bure) behind our favorite characters (DJ Tanner)? Who mentored them?

It’s hard to imagine what being a child star was actually like, but it couldn’t have been easy. I mean we’ve all heard the horror stories. That’s where the mentorship comes in. Candace Cameron Bure details being inspired by one legendary Hollywood star in particular in the early days of her career. That would be Sally Field.

Candace Cameron Bure Surprises Co-star With Her Sally Field Answer

So, first and foremost, the Sally Field answer comes from a recent Q&A on Candace Cameron Bure’s personal Instagram page. It looks to be shot from the set of her highly-anticipated “The Christmas Contest” movie and features an appearance from co-star John Brotherton. You might also remember him as Matt Harmon from “Fuller House.”

When asked who she looked up to most as a young actor, Harmon was sure he knew Candace to a T. He guessed she would pick either her parents or God as her greatest mentor because of her great relationship with both. And while she very much does value both, that’s not the answer she ended up giving. Instead, “Sally Field” rolled off her tongue instead.

Who Is Sally Field?

Who is Sally Field? Well, that’s kind of a tough one to answer because she’s accomplished so much. She boasts a lengthy list of cinematic hits including “Forrest Gump,” “Steel Magnolias,” and “Smokey and the Bandit.” She also spent some time doing TV with works like “ER.”

Officially, IMDb lists nearly 70 credits for the star along with 43 wins and 81 nominations. Two of those wins include Oscars. It also reveals the star’s latest project as “Spoiler Alert,” a film in pre-production. She plays the character of Marilyn, though not much more information exists on the project yet.

Now, back to Candace Cameron Bure. She’s picked up a handful of awards herself over the years, including a Nickelodeon “Kid’s Choice Award.” When she was still considered a “child star,” she actually got to work on a project with Sally Field. Do you remember what it’s called?

Remembering ‘Punchline’

The movie “Punchline” saw Sally Field starring alongside Tom Hanks, with Candace Cameron Bure playing the role of her daughter. The film followed a housewife as she tried her hand at making it in the world of comedy. Though not necessarily critically acclaimed, the work still stands as a diamond-in-the-rough.