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‘Full House’ Star Dave Coulier Wants New Show That Pays Tribute To Bob Saget’s Legacy

by Joe Rutland
dave coulier photo
(Photo by: Nathan Congleton/NBC)

Full House star Dave Coulier has an idea about doing a new show that can pay tribute to the late Bob Saget and his legacy. Coulier joined his co-stars Candace Cameron Bure, Jodie Sweetin, and Andrea Barber on Saturday at 90s Con in Hartford, Connecticut. They gathered to reminisce about the iconic series in a panel.

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They did discuss Saget, who died a year ago. They were asked if they’d be willing to work again on another film or TV project. All four answered yes but Coulier offered up an idea around what he’d like to see happen.

“I would love to do Fullest House, where maybe it’s like all of us as adults, and we’re kind of like the Friends cast where we sit around and talk, and we share moments, and we keep Bob’s legacy alive,” Coulier said. Barber said, “We’re doing that right now.”

Dave Coulier Of ‘Full House’ Admits He’d Love To Do Another TV Series

Coulier said that he “would love to do that” due to the strong relationships he has with Bure, Sweetin, and Barber. “They’re so much fun. I can’t tell you how much we laugh. We just laugh and love each other,” Coulier said.

Coulier had a longtime friendship with the late Saget, who died in January 2022 at age 65. “I have so many memories,” Coulier said, explaining that he first met Saget in Detroit long before they shared the small screen in Full House, PEOPLE reports.

“I was 18 years old,” he said. “(And) I was a beginning standup comic, and Bob came into Detroit on a comedy tour with [two other comics], and they were brilliant. And I’d only been doing standup in clubs for like a couple of weeks, and Bob of course went up third after those two guys, and he was so funny and so polished and so incredible.

Coulier Recalled The First Time That He Met Bob Saget

“And I’ve got braces on my teeth, and I’m like, ‘Hi, Mr. Saget. How are you? You were really fun, sir.’ And he was like, ‘Call me Bob.’ So then he wrote down his address on a napkin, and I kept it, and said, ‘Just give me a call when you get out to Los Angeles.’ And I thought, ‘Wow, how cool is that?'”

When Coulier did get out to Los Angeles in search of an apartment, he said that he brought that napkin with him and called Saget, who immediately told him to “come on over.”