George Lopez Offers Update After NYE Health Scare

by Jonathan Howard

On New Year’s Eve, George Lopez had a scary health emergency that forced him to stop performing in the middle of a set.

Fans were concerned for the actor and comedian. However, there is an update from Lopez himself. He was on The View celebrating Ana Navarro’s birthday. He talked about what happened over a virtual call on the show.

“I was around some people that tested positive [for COVID],” George Lopez said. “I didn’t test positive… In Aril, [I’m coming up on] 17 years that I’ll have my kidney transplant from my ex-wife, Ann, and I have no immunity against what’s going on in the world. And I got on stage, and I felt hot in the beginning and I was sweating and I started to kind of see just kind of flashes of red.”

According to Lopez, things started getting worse.

“And I thought, ‘I think I’m gonna pass out,'” Lopez continued. “And I sat down and got back up, and I think it’s right before you pass out, you see… kind of your body tenses up. It was more serious… I was really hot, I think my temperature was 102.9, and the paramedics did come and check me out. I checked out OK, but I was a little concerned. Upper respiratory, for me, and dehydration is a bad thing for me… For me, I’m better, I’m better now.”

George Lopez made sure to thank those that had given him well wishes. His telling of the account is a little scary to hear. With his kidney transplant, any illness could be a real scare. It wasn’t COVID that made him ill, and he still isn’t sure what it was exactly, but he’s glad to be done and through with it.

George Lopez Comedic Icon

Of course, for decades George Lopez has been one of the most well-known comedians in the world. From his sitcom named after himself to his stand-up and various movie appearances. Even at 60 years old, Lopez makes sure to stay busy. Although, it is safe to say he will be taking it easy for a little while after his NYE health scare.

Lopez has a busy schedule ahead of him when he is ready to return to his touring schedule. 2022 is set to be a big year for the comedian. He had a performance canceled due to the health scare. That will now be rescheduled for March 18. So, fans can adjust their schedules accordingly.

Outside of his live performances, George Lopez is still big on TV. This year he is in an Amazon drama. A little bit of a change from his usual comedic work. There is also an NBC sitcom being planned and hopefully, more news will be out about that soon. Hopefully, he stays busy, happy, and healthy for the rest of the year and onward.