‘Gilligan’s Island’ Star Tina Louise Reveals Which Co-Star Was ‘Sexiest’

by Anna Dunn

Gilligan’s Island star Tina Louise revealed which co-star she thought was the “sexiest.” Louise, who played Ginger Grant on the iconic sitcom, recently sat down with The New York Post. The actress now lives on the island of Manhattan in the Turtle Bay area. She still occasionally reflects on the series.

So who did she think was the sexiest on the show?

“It’s Jim,” she said in regards to Thurston Howell III actor Jim Backus. Backus was incredibly funny, and Louise absolutely loved his sense of humor.

“Jim was hilarious. Humor, hon. He was so funny and he used to go to the psychiatrist every day and tell me the news of the day … But just in general, he had a great sense of humor. He was adorable,” she continues.

The professor, however, was quite shy.

“I think the Professor read too many books,” the Gilligan’s Island star continued. “[Gilligan] was just very nervous and scared to death and talked so fast. He was so shy.”

Louise is now the last surviving castaway from the hit series. She had a love-hate relationship with the sitcom at first and admitted she didn’t like some of the “snarkiness” in the scripts. However, she quickly found her footing on the series. Following her work on Gilligan’s Island, Louise took on more dramatic roles.

The ‘Gilligan’s Island’ Creator got the Inspiration for the Series from a Surprising Source

Tina Louisa gained major fame for her role as Ginger Grant, but there probably wouldn’t have been a role to play if it weren’t for a college assignment that inspired Gilligan’s Island. Gilligan’s Island, which followed a group of very different castaways going through a series of wacky scenarios while stranded was an oddity for its time. So it makes sense that creator Sherwood Schwartz got the idea from an odd place.

According to Looper, Schwartz got the idea from a speech he crafted during a class at NYU. During that class, Schwartz and his classmates had to make speeches that focused on how their lives would be if they were forced to live on a deserted island. They also had to mention one item they would take with them to the island.

Once Schwartz got big in Hollywood, he thought back to that assignment while brainstorming. That’s how Gilligan’s Island and its cast of wacky characters was born. Schwartz is also responsible for The Brady Bunch and worked on The Red Skelton Show, so he had a massive influence on entertainment at the time. Schwartz passed away in 2011.

Gilligan’s Island is now considered a classic, and it’s always nice to hear from Tina Louise about what it was like on the show.