‘Gilligan’s Island’ and ‘The Brady Bunch’ Creator Sherwood Schwartz Thought Shows Were the ‘Same Thing’

by Joe Rutland

In a bit of a surprise, Sherwood Schwartz, the creative mind behind “Gilligan’s Island” and “The Brady Bunch,” thought they were similar.

He, in fact, thought that both shows were the “same thing.”

Say what? Lloyd Schwartz, son of Sherman, talked about this in a 2018 interview with Closer Weekly.

“In essence, people from different places have to come together and make it work,” Lloyd Schwartz said. “That’s what Gilligan was.

“In that case, he [Sherwood Schwartz] wanted to get people from very different strata of life and put them together in such a way that they couldn’t get away from each other and had to make it work,” Sherwood’s son Lloyd said. “That’s the same thing with a family. Once you put a family together, you can’t get away.

“I think many people respond to that basic idea,” Lloyd Schwartz said. “He [Sherwood] always said, ‘God, we’ve got to get along. We’re all in this together,’ and he was talking about the world in general. I think that’s why they’ve resonated for so long.”

Imagine how much Sherwood Schwartz looked back on his two standout series and smiled. “Gilligan’s Island” starred Bob Denver as Gilligan and Alan Hale Jr. as The Skipper. “The Brady Bunch” starred Robert Reed and Florence Henderson as Mike and Carol Brady, respectively.

Sherwood Schwartz died on July 12, 2011, at 94 years old.

Sherwood Schwartz Responded to ‘The Brady Bunch’ Cast When They Asked For Raise

One of his shows, “The Brady Bunch,” had an entire cast of actors looking for a raise.

They were haggling before the show’s fifth season on ABC. And they wanted Sherwood Schwartz to ante up with some more cash.

What do you think he told all of them?

Well, the issues on the show and among the cast were caught in a documentary called The Brady Bunch Exposed.

Sherwood Schwartz said, “They signed certain contracts. I said, ‘I signed a contract when the rating goes up I don’t run to Paramount and say the ratings went up I want to raise.’ I said, ‘When I sign something, I sign something.'”

TV Show Creator Stood His Ground As Cast Members Started Bickering

He stood his ground. All cast members signed five-year contracts before even hitting the air as “The Brady Bunch.”

They fulfilled their contractual obligations and came back for another round of seeking new deals.

Unfortunately, Paramount, where the show was filmed and produced, ended the show.

Why? Ratings took a little tumble. Also, there were too many instances of fighting between stars and production in the show.

That was enough for Paramount and they pulled the plug on it. “The Brady Bunch” lives on in reruns today.