‘Gilligan’s Island’ Star Tina Louise is Still Open to Dating at 87

by Joe Rutland

Many people still watch Gilligan’s Island on TV. Actress Tina Louise played a big part in the show’s cast, but she wouldn’t mind a date.

Louise, 87, who played Hollywood starlet Ginger Grant on the show, talked about this in an interview in October with Fox News.

“I’m open,” Louise said of her interest in dating. “I’m open. I’m open to life.”

Louise even mentions a Hollywood star she’d like to get to know more. Who? Late-night host John Oliver of HBO.

“I like his dimples,” Louise said. “I like him. He’s terrific. Bright. Cute. Funny. You have to enjoy each other’s company and have something to talk about. That’s important.”

Gilligan’s Island was a part of the CBS prime-time lineup from 1964-67.

‘Gilligan’s Island’ Actress Played Two Characters In One of Show’s Episodes

One trend in numerous TV shows in the 1960s was to have a cast member play two characters. They would be their regular character and another one.

So, Gilligan’s Island pulled this trick with Tina Louise.

Let’s take a look at what episode this happened in the CBS sitcom.

During the show’s third season, the episode which featured double the appearance of Louise was All About Eva.

Now Louise played, of course, Ginger.

But she also plays a mousy single woman named Eva Grubb. Grubb finds herself on the island to escape a boring, monotonous daily life.

When she gets to the island, Grubb offers the seven stranded castaways the boat she used.

That would work but, well, Gilligan. Yes, everyone’s favorite “little buddy” coughed up the plan to come back to the island for Eva after they get back to civilization. This news makes Eva change her plan, holding the castaways hostage and removes removing the boat’s spark plugs.

Louise Had To Deal With Being Viewed As A Bombshell

Ginger does escape and lets her friends know about Eva’s nefarious plan. Eva Grubb apologizes for her behavior. However, she leaves Gilligan’s Island with a plan of replacing Ginger in civilization.

Outsiders, Louise definitely had a lot of practice when it comes to being viewed as a bombshell.

She talked about it with the TV show’s fan site gilligansisle.com. For some context, Louise took her career to heights before the decades of 1960s and 1970s.

Her role as Griselda in God’s Little Acre paralleled her life.

“[Griselda] only seems sexy because she looks sexy and maybe feels that way,” Louise said. “But…hers is a tragic story and one I know too well. Men just can’t keep their hands off Griselda, because that’s the way she affects them every time a man sees her he tries to kiss her and rough her up…. Sex is a part of her, but is really not her.”